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    Monday, January 13, 2014

    4 Physical Marketing Techniques that Are Effective in the Digital Age

     Guest Post by: Chaleigh Glass

    4 Physical Marketing Techniques that Are Effective in the Digital Age

    While the average business is raving about the benefits of online marketing, many have forgotten that many tried-and-true offline marketing strategies are still extremely viable in today's market climate. What's more is that the mass migration from offline to online that has overtaken the business world has actually made it easier to profit from old-school physical marketing. While jumping on the digital bandwagon is still a great idea, a true strategist can see the value in using one of the most trusted forms of marketing that has ever existed.

    Postcards and Salutations

    One of the easiest ways to break into the world of physical marketing is with a friendly greeting card. There are plenty of occasions that warrant a postcard. Birthdays and holidays are two of the most common occasions, but it can also be nice to receive a card every now and again for no particular reason. It's important to realize that some potential customers might feel left out of the festivities on major holidays such as Christmas, and receiving a friendly card from a stranger can be a welcomed surprise. The impact that this card leaves is what makes this form of marketing so effective. For example, a dentist looking to fill up their client list can easily order special dentist themed postcards from a website such as http://www.dentalmarketing.net/. These cards will show their customers that they care, while also reminding these same people that it is time to have their teeth checked. It's versatile, flexible and it doesn't cost a fortune.

    Branded USB Sticks

    A happy medium between digital and physical marketing is the branded USB stick. A simple flash drive that contains product information or other marketing material is an easy way to get the word out. This is great for businesses that have a model centered around returning customers, as they will always have access to product information without having to search very far. They'll also be reminded of the business every time that they use their USB drive.

    Promotional Pamphlets

    Pamphlets are still a great way to spread the word. A high-quality pamphlet that uses glossy paper, high-definition pictures, important information and strong selling points will undoubtedly have an impact on potential customers. These are highly cost-effective and can be implemented very quickly.

    Personalized Invitations

    One of the least recognized ways to earn a customer is to personally invite them to an event or store location. Some businesses can also invite themselves into the homes of their potential customers; this is one of the cores of vacuum cleaning and beauty product salespeople from all over the world. Simply giving a potential customer their own personal attention can leave a fantastic impression on them.

    While there's thousands of different approaches to physical marketing, these four approaches have been time-tested and can be applied to any business.