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    Sunday, January 5, 2014

    New Year's Blog Challenge: the rebuilding blog in the year 2014

    2013 Recollection

    It's been a long time since I wrote my last posts in this blog and unfortunately, those posts could not be viewed anymore as they were stored in my previous host.

    If I think of the past year, there were a lot things that happened to me and my family which I really could not forget. Only of the most memorable one was, I was given a new baby which I really love.

    2013 is when I first leave my family to search for the good things for my family as well. It was when I first experience loneliness while away from my beloved family. Well, it was also the year when I learned how to accept the reality in life when real things happened on how to raise a family.

    However, 2013 also taught me how to start a new beginning most especially to look forward to this Brand New Year in my life. My life has increased another year and more challenges and there are things I consider the best to start with this year.

    Start Rebuilding My Blog

    In the past years (2009), I learned to love writing and started out this blog. At first, I had difficulties in doing this task due to time and money. When I star blogging, I never realized something would happened that could absolutely change my life. It where I develop my passion in writing (still developing) and reasoning (to express my opinions and thoughts). Well exactly as that is what blogging all about.

    2013, I consider as a disaster in my blogging career. It was when I rarely update my blog until such time I could no longer renew my hosting account that eventually led to a dead blog. My interest in writing was gone and I didn't know how to start over. But I really have to come back to this passion.

    This year of the horse (2014) I have realized I must rebuild my blog to continue my hobby and develop my writing skills.

    Rebuilding my site is the best thing I must do this year 2014. Thank you for reading this post.