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    Sunday, January 10, 2016

    Duterte Plataporma to Demolish Criminals

    Photo courtesy of inquirer.net

    For a long time, presidential candidate, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo has been silent about his plataporma de goberno if he is elected president of the republic of the Philippines. On the January 8, 2016 report of the inquirer.net, Duterte said that he would use both military and police forces to fight criminals and demolish them all.

    Duterte is always linked to some extra judiciary killing in the city of Davao but the mayor has defended it.

    For some people, this plataporma is inhumane and certainly violates the human rights even of those criminals. Supporters of Duterte, however, favor this policy as it will help solve the rise of the crime rate in the country. This will certainly scare people to commit crime. Many believe that this affects those biggest drug syndicate and organization in the country but there are also who are afraid that this might be used to abuse of power once implemented.

    Duterte’s cursing is one thing that many people don’t want him to win in the presidential race but Digong told the public not to judge him by his words (cursing habit) but by his value. To him, uttering foul words is not a big deal and it is only an expression but many takes this as a sign of an uneducated and unmannered person.

    Duterte also assured that the target of his policies are the legitimate criminals and he would reflect the peace and order program in Davao City to the rest of the Philippines.