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    Wednesday, January 20, 2016

    Ex Iglesia ni Kristo Minister, Lowell Menorca Arrested by Manila Police Today

    Hours before his appointment before the court today, Ex-Iglesia ni Kristo minister is arrested by manila police who was wearing civilian clothes. It is said police did not have any warrant during the said arrest. On the video, you hear at the background that the woman is shouting asking the proof that they are really police. Here is the script of the incident:

    “Nasaan? Nasaan yong warrant? Hoy! Pakita mo muna!...” You can see on the video that the said police tries to grab her mobile phone.

    “Wala kayong…akin to’ (trying to say that the phone is hers). Warrant gamit nyo di ba?”
    You can hear that the lady forced the police to show the warrant and badge to show that they are real police. On one hand, Menorca shouted that the minister of INC is being kidnapped.

    Although, no warrant was shown, the said police forcefully said they have warrant of arrest.

    “Tulongan nyo kami, bawal ang ginagawa mo”, shouted the lady. They are also looking for their attorney. “Nasaan na ang abogado namin? Kailangan namin abogado namin…Tulungan nyo kami.” At about 51 seconds of the video, the lady asked the said police for their badge to prove they are really police and said they have to release the minister because they can’t show their identification as Manila police.

    Menorca also shouted, “Ako ang iglesia ni kristo na kinidnap nila at ngayon ipakukulong nila! May hearing ako"…"tulungan nyo kami"…"pulis ako, pulis ako"…"asaan? Nasaan ang patunay na pulis ka?...anung arestuhin?..."

    According to the news report, Menorca has been arrested because of libel that was filed against him in Marawi City.

    Prior to his arrest, Menorca claim to have been receiving death threats because of what he did to the religious group. He is also been accused of authoring the blog “Silent No More” which exposes some anomalies in the organization.

    Menorca added, “Sa panahon ngayon, maramin nang pagbabago sa pagdating sa pananalapi sa Iglesia at dahil sa may kinalaman sa pera ‘yan, kappa na-expose ‘yung mga bagay na ‘yon ang unang tatamaan doon ‘yung nakikinabang sa pera na ginagawa ngayon sa Iglesia na hindi nila malabanan ‘yun dahil sabi ko nga maraming proof na post doon sa blog.”

    Earlier report said that the warrant was read and presented to Menorca before he was arrested at the corner of Quirino Avenue and Roxas Boulevard in Manila. PO3 Santos narrated on a video interview that Menorca grabbed the warrant and brought it inside a car (Innova) tried to hide the warrant and asked their ID. According to the police, Menorca had the warrant and their ID.

    Santos said that warrant of arrest would not be released if there was no case filed against the minister.

    Here is the full video during the said arrest: