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    Sunday, January 3, 2016

    First Blog Post for the Year 2016

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Year 2015 has just passed and we are now in a brand new year, 2016. The beginning of the year is the time for many of us to give their new year's resolution and promises to change their ways of life for the rest of the year. Some may accomplish what they had promised but most fail to accomplish even a single promise or resolution.

    New year's resolution seems become only a part of the celebration but many don't take it seriously.

    I've been blessed in the past year and I would like to give the honor back to God who always provides me the strength and good health to be productive in my endeavors. He has been so good not only to me but to my family.

    This year 2016 will be another great challenge for me as I promised to do something different and would put more effort on the things I committed to do.

    In terms of blogging, it's been quite a time that I haven't updated this blog and one of my goals this year is to update this site as often as I can to bring my readers fresh information about what I do and what is happening around me and the world.

    Many things happened in the past year that have significant effect to our beings and that is what I am interested to share with you this year.

    This year, 2016, will mark significantly to you, to me, and to everyone. This year will highlight three major events which I am sure you also are waiting. First is the United States presidential election which will take place just before the end of this year in November 8, 2016, second is the up coming Philippines presidential election on May of this year and that is less than 5 months from now, thirdly is the current AEC or ASEAN Economic Community program which will unite the 10 Southeast Asian countries for the purpose of FREE trade of goods, services and labor.

    I wish to give updates on this blog in daily bases or weekly if time won't permit me. Thank you so much for your patience in reading this post and until the next post. God bless!