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    Sunday, January 31, 2016

    First Time in the History to See These Confidential Church of Satan Photos that Leaked on Social Media

    Confidential Church of Satan Photos Leaked on Social Media

    Satan is so busy these days that he even makes a church under his name, Satan, and makes it well known in whole world as confidential photos from the Church of Satan leaked in the social media lately.

    The spirit of the devil is roaming around the world and he tries to inject to the mind of the people his devious and cunning act by getting their confidences that he is not harmful and he is a friend of many that he can make men wealthy, intelligent, etc. just like how he tricked Even in the garden of even.

    Lately, a very popular FB page with more than a million followers shared the most disrupting and controversial photos of a church they call, “New Satanic Church” in Montenegro, Quindio, Colombia showing the setup inside the church where you can see a lot of demonic symbols and pictures.

    It has a big statue of Satan at the center of the pulpit and two big upside-down crosses hanging on both sides of the pulpit. You can also see the photos of the devil hanging on the walls and guess what, the seats are embroidered with serpent and the all-knowing-eyes, the symbol of Illuminati.

    At the center isle also shows a big star showing the head of a goat representing the satanic goat of Mendez also known as the “god of lust”.

    According to one article, there are a lot of demonic rituals that are happening in this church but according to the doctrine of Theistic Satanism, Satan is a good individual and has a positive force and deity who can be worshiped and revered. Satan is considered as the having a virtuous characteristic.
    The said photos that are making round the social media was taken by an unidentified source.
    Take your time to see how this church of Satan looks like.

    the serpent representing the devil since the beginning of the world

    the head of goat of Mendez, the god of lust

    big statue of satan at the center of the pulpit

    the all-knowing eye and the 666 symbol or the mark of the beast

    upside-down cross symbolizing the Anti-Christ

    Jesus is coming very very soon as we see the signs of His coming is rapidly fulfilling just before our own eyes! Hold on to your faith and share the Gospel! God bless and thank you for reading.