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    Sunday, January 31, 2016

    Funtastic ACRONYM Duterte, Mar, and Binay for Election 2016

    Have you wondered how people think of the Philippines Presidential candidates 2016? Well, a lot of people are very creative about making the meaning of their favorite candidates.


    The most popular candidates are Duterte, Mar Roxas, and Binay. Here are the viral ACRONYMs:

    Davao Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte

    D - urugista U - ubusin T - aongbayan uunahin E - conomic crisis R - eresolbahin at T - ataas ang E - mployment
    Makati Mayor (Vice President) Jejomar Binay
    B - abawiin ang campaign I - nvestments at N - anakawin A - ng Y - aman ng Pilipinas
    DILG Secretary Manuel (Mar) Roxas
    M - araming A - nomalya at R - aket na ka-epalan