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    Sunday, January 17, 2016

    Open Letter for Miss "Rosalinda Reyes" AKA Rolinda Reyes

    Good day "Jing", "Rosalinda Reyes", Teacher Rolinda, or Rolinda Reyes:

    I am deeply saddened for what had happened to you lately. I saw you on TV (GMA NEWS)-YouTube, and I pity you for having such experience. However, I want you to change!

    You were a good friend of mine and I trusted you so much before something bad happened between us. You know the whole story (Your story). You know what your issues were and please don't involve me with your problems.

    I would not enumerate all that had happened between us and I had no intention to make this letter public but because of what you had done lately, I am here to make an open letter for you so that the public will know who you are. Why should I do this?

    Firstly, you made issues and stories against me even if I didn't do any harm to you to after you were separated in our company before and the company paid you for what you had demanded.

    Secondly and lastly, you made a story so that not only the whole Philippines will see you but also the whole world. Since you made it in public first, I also want to make an open letter for you so everyone will know what really happened before you were on TV.

    On the news, you mentioned that you were detained (ikinulong) for two (2) days by your Pastor (Lee) in your room outside the Church. I know the place because that is where we used to eat, rest, and cook, study, etc.

    Now, if your accusation is true, why didn't you call help from people who are working behind your room as it is a kitchen, study area for the students. You could have shouted help from anyone there even during the first day that you were locked inside.

    Another thing is that, why did the Korean lock you in that area where a lot of people might see you, they could lock you inside the compound in a very closed area so that you wouldn't be able to seek help from the outside world?

    I believe in the Pastor's statement that is was a lie when you said you were locked.

    Based on the history of your deeds, I know what you want but one thing I want to tell you. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR SELF! You are a missionary (according to you) of God and you are bringing the name of the Seventh-Day Adventist. Please don't deface our church by doing this kind of evil act. I am deeply affected because I know the feeling of being accused and be demanded to pay such big amount.

    Two weeks ago before this news spread, I already knew that your employer wanted you to leave your position as a missionary in that church but it is you who doesn't want to leave. How could you be locked in your room when in fact, they want you to leave?

    You already got so much amount from our company before, please stop this evil thing and stop trying to get money out of evil by this act. You are still God's child and He wants to save you from sin. Jesus died for you and for me. Who am I to tell you? Well because YOU are my sister and I am your brother in Christ. It is so sad that you behave like this.

    Time of repenting is not yet over and as long as there is still a time for us to come back to Jesus and do the right things right, DO IT! Never let SATAN work over you! I know you are struggling hard on this matter but TOTAL SUBMISSION TO GOD and by His grace and power, everything will be changed. It's been a long time already that we did not see each other and even before I wanted to talk to you and say these words but I said to myself why would I bother?

    Because of what you did and allowed your issues to be publicized on TV, you put stain to our church which in fact the real problem is YOU. What you did would not help our church in Balubad grow.

    Even so, I pray that God will help you change everything.

    Thank you so much and God bless you!

    Sincerely yours,

    Eldie Roberto
    Your Former Director
    (DJKM Knowledge Center for Korea, Inc.--Tagaytay City)

    P.S.: To all my brethren who have read this letter, let us pray and ask God sincerely to change sister Rolinda totally. Let us ask God's guidance on how to deal with this sister of ours. Thank you so much.