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    Wednesday, January 13, 2016

    The World's 1st Foldable TV Screen Finally Shown to Public

    Would you be surprised if you see a real foldable TV screen? Yes! A TV monitor that can be folded. For the first time in the world history, the once an idea and imagination, now a reality.

    Photo: www.elitereaders.com

    During the 2016 Consumer Electronic show in Nevada, Las Vegas, LG has shown to the public their futuristic display and has caught a lot of attention.

    This TV screen is fully flexible and can be rolled up and scrunched around. Initially, the screen that was exhibited was about 18 inches from corner to corner but LG said that they are going to launch even bigger monitor sizes up to 55 inches and beyond. The screen is about 4 times more than the HD TVs.

    If in the future you will have a chance to buy this kind of TV screen, just think that we are already living in the more advance world and truly "Knowledge shall increase" according to Daniel 12:4.