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    Sunday, May 1, 2016

    COMELEC Machines are Programmed for Mar Roxas as President

    Hello world! I don't know whether I would start my writing "good day" or "bad day" as I don't see any good thing in what is happening in the politics in my country.

    I tell you, even if I cannot vote (because I'm not registered voter here abroad) this coming election but I am a registered OFW, my citizenship is in the Philippines, and I contribute to what our public officials are receiving monthly so I have the right to voice out what I feel.

    This post serves as my open letter addressed to both Sec. Mar Roxas, who is running for Philippine President and the administration of COMELEC:

    Dear Sir/Ma'am:

    First of all, I want to be honest, I am voting this election.

    Sir/Ma'am: I have heard a lot of rumors against you (Mr. Secretary and COMELEC) regarding the coming election. Many people said that you will manipulate the result of the coming election. I have also heard directly from YOUR LIPS SIR Roxas that you have enough machines to win for presidency. I wondered what you meant by machines. I was thinking that you have  a lot of people who will work for you winning this race and it was fine with me because I thought it was just a joke.

    I recently watched a video from OFW who voted for Duterte but the machine "makinarya" gave different result and gave the vote to YOU ROXAS. HOW COME? Did you really mean that you have enough (a lot) of machines to run to help you win? That is totally betrayal to the people you call "KAKAMPI, KABABAYAN"!

    Is this the "Tuwid na Daan" that you are saying all the time? How can it be a "tuwid na daan" in fact you break both the law of the land and the law of God?

    I tried to make program before and I am familiar with computer behavior and it does not just give something out you don't feed. I know computers don't think and just depend on the program inputted. Therefore, what you input into the machine will be your output. Now, please explain not only to me but to all the Filipino people how this COMELEC machine gave different result!

    I am 100% sure that a lot of the PCOS machines (if not all) that are used in this election are pre-programmed to give ROXAS as the president.

    Lumaban ka ng patas Mr. Palengke! Wag kang mandaya sa resulta. Kung ganito lang naman pala ang maging resulta ng election, eh di wag nalang mag eleksyon. I declare mo na agad ang sarili mo na presidente para tapos ang hirap mo. I know your struggles in convincing people to vote for you. You have done all your best to tell the Filipino people that you are the right candidate for presidency and not your opponents. Before, I don't support any candidates because I thought all have flaw and  shortcomings. I have read and have seen other candidates' style and strategies in their campaign. I do appreciate you sir Mar and I have no comment against you until I saw this video.

    Siguro naman mahal mo ang Pilipinos kaya nga tumatakbo ka, kaya ipaliwanag mo nang maayos kung paano nagkaroon ng glitch ang machines ng COMELEC at nagbigay ng maling resulta! Maraming salamat po!
    Sa lahat po na mga boboto kay Mar Roxas sa darating na eleksyon, siguro ang videong ito ay sapat nang batayan para malaman nyo na si Mar Roxas ay mandaraya at ang comelec ay nababayaran para ibahin ang resulta ng eleksyon. Manipulated ang result ng election!
    Si Mar Roxas ang may sapat na makinarya upang mananalo sa eleksyon sapagkat marami syang makinarya na iprinogram na ibibigay sa kanya ang boto kahit ito ay boto para sa ibang kandidato!
    {if vote="Duterte" then voteresult="Roxas"
    elseif vote="Poe" then voteresult="Roxas"
    elseif vote="Santiago" then voteresult="Roxas"
    elseif vote="Roxas" then voteresult="Roxas"
    end if}
    Naku! Mga supporters ng ibang kandidato, bantayan ninyo ang inyong ballota at ikompara ang lalabas sa resibo na bigay ng COMELEC machines. Ireklamo agad-agad ito!