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    Tuesday, May 3, 2016

    Duterte Wants Roxas to Eat the Statement from BPI

    Trillanes vs. Duterte bank deposit issue unfinished. Trillanes has already said that Mayor Rodrigo Duterty has million money in the bank (BPI Julia Vargas branch) but was denied by Duterte. On a TV interview of Mayor Duterte, he said that Trillanes is an "ASKAL" (asong kalye or stray dog).

    After Trillanes could not prove his allegations, Duterte also made a statement that since Roxas involved himself in the issue, he would want Roxas to eat the statement from the bank and I think, he did not mean it symbolically but literally eat the paper on where the bank statement from BPI is printed.

    However, BPI has not confirmed if they would issue bank statement that Duterte camp was asking based on what they told to Mayor's lawyer today.