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    Sunday, September 25, 2016

    President Duterte is a SYMBOL OF CHANGE, not only a name

    It's been a year already when most of the Filipinos "Call for a Change" in the country but they could not see any individual to make this "Change" happen except by the person of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.
    Photo Credit to CNNPH
    Many people were calling the former Davao Mayor, Digong Duterte to run for president but the latter was so hesitant. Yet his supporters did not stop begging and persuading him to run because they already saw how filthy and corrupt Philippine government was.

    September 26, 2016 is exactly the first year anniversary of that call, and to celebrate the real change these supporters see during the short span of President Duterte's sitting in MalacaƱang, they gathered together in the Quezon City Memorial Circle to express their gratitude and continuous support to the president.

    Some of them express their feelings and very happy that they no longer hear killings, rape, and even noisy neighbors in their locality.

    President Duterte is NOT ONLY a name but it is a SYMBOL OF CHANGE!

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    Source: CNN Ph