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    Saturday, September 24, 2016

    The Fall of President Duterte Administration Part 1 by Mr. Riyoh

    President Duterte has been in the office for about 85 days as of writing and a lot of us might have noticed the big changes happening in the country, changes that could really catch attention not only locally but also internationally. In fact, the Philippines has become the headlines of some international broadsheets because of the current campaign of President Duterte against Drugs.

    Many, including the UN and the US are getting hooked to the issues involving EJK and DDS in the country. Duterte supporters are protesting against international media involvement to destabilize the current administration.

    Some supporters are showing their support by exposing some sensitive and alarming truth about the plans of the left group to ousting Duterte Administration.

    In his video, Mr. Riyoh, exposing the master plan of the Yellow group and the Oligarchs to not only destabilize Duterte but to remove him from the MalacaƱang.

    President Duterte is always linked to what media call EJK or summary execution. However, President Rodrigo Duterte and the Philippine National Police had already said they are against EJK yet, they are still linked to it.

    To full understand the real plans of the Oligarchs and Yellow Team on the Fall of President Duterte Administration, please watch the video below.

    Thank you so much.