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    Thursday, October 13, 2016

    Thai People Worry About King Bhumibol Adulyadej Condition Getting Worse

    Thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the longest serving king in the world in our time. He is the most loved king of Thailand because of his unconditional love to his people. He's working so hard for the Thai people and he only thinks for the good of the Thai citizens.

    This week, the king's condition is unstable and has stayed in the hospital since Sunday.

    His Majesty the King was advised by his doctors on Sunday to suspend all Royal functions because his health condition remains unstable, said the Bureau of the Royal Household in an announcement released Sunday night.
    According to the announcement, HM the King’s doctors at Siriraj hospital administered hemodialysis on the King from 2 pm until 4.40 pm on Saturday and changed the tube to drain spinal fluid from the brain through the waist.
    However, it was discovered afterward that the King’s blood pressure dropped occasionally, prompting the doctors to administer medication and ventilator to stabilize blood pressure, said the announcement.
    However, at about 3 pm on Sunday, the King’s pulse quickened and blood pressure dropped. Blood tests showed an increase of acid in the blood. Echocardiographic examination showed the amount of blood entering the lower part of the left side of the heart dropped sharply as a direct result of high blood pressure in the lung.
    Doctors then applied medication to expand blood vessel in the lung at about 3 pm and, eventually, the King’s pulse has slowed down and blood pressure has improved, said the announcement.
    With his health remains unstable, HM the King is now placed under close watch by doctors who advised that the King suspends all Royal King’s health condition, suspend, Royal functions

    Now, all the Thai people are worried about the king's situation and  are praying for the king's soon recovery.