Mass Grave in Ozami: PNP excavated alleged 4th Parojinog mass grave

Excavated alleged 4th mass grave in Ozamis

The Philippine National Police (PNP) of Ozamis City was led by Police Chief Inspector (PCI) Jovie Espenido in excavating alleged mass graves. This is in connection with the hearsay that Parojinogs bury their victims in these graves.

The PNP first excavated 2 deep holes at Purok 1 Cogon, Ozamis City on August 4, 2017. They were able to discover animal bones and feathers in those deep holes.

On their 4th attempt, an asset led them to Barangay Capucao C, Ozamis City. At first, they were forced to stop digging because the Backhoes’ Hydraulic Arm hit big roots of the trees that surrounds the place. Luckily, it was fixed and they were able to dig more on that same day.

When the digging reached 8 feet, they were so shocked to find human bones! Espenido estimated that they excavated 4 persons due to 4 different clothes found with the bones. They also excavated an abandoned mine shaft hold up bones, clothes, a rope and some personal things.

4th Parojinog mass grave

The Police Chief Inspector believed that this 4th excavated area is legit as a witness has pinpointed this area. The things they discovered can be used by PNP against the Parojinogs who are labeled as “drug lords” in Ozamis City.

PNP Continue Digging

PNP will continue on digging on the area to see if there are more bones or things under the ground. They secured the place to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the area.

Espenido vowed to keep on digging places of alleged mass graves. They are also planning to dig on the demolished mansion of Aldong Parojinog. This mansion is also rumored as another mass grave used by the Parojinogs in burying their victims. They also believed that the demolished mansion was the old hideout of their alleged syndicate business.

The people of Ozamis said that the mansion was demolished after President Rodrigo Duterte won the Presidency last May 2016’s Presidential election.

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