Alleged Mass grave of Parojinog victims

Alleged Mass grave of Parojinog victims

Two deep holes believed to be mass graves were excavated on August 4, Friday.

Police Chief Inspector (PCI) Jovie Espenido,Police Sub-Inspectors (PSI) Dennis Tano and Sheila Acosta led the Philippine National Police (PNP) in excavating two deep holes at Purok 1 Cogon Ozamis City.

Those two deep holes were excavated to clear the hearsay from the residents of Purok 1 Cogon Ozamis city. Captain Ludivina Macayran said that residents think that some murder victims were thrown in the deep holes.

Mass grave Ozamis Parojinog

Last February, the residents complained to the Barangay captain that there was foul odor coming from the deep holes. There were rumors also that victims who were thrown in those deep holes were victims of the Parojinog family. The Barangay council filled the holes with trucks of soil to eliminate the foul odor.

On August 4, 2017, the authorities responded to the report they received. They came to the area and brought backhoe with them to be used in digging. While the backhoe was digging, sacks of garbages appeared.

It took them 4 hours to dig the 68-feet deep hole. There were also two sacks excavated tied with rope. They also found feathers of animals and bones inside those two sacks.

Parojinog Mass Grave

The Police Chief Inspector said that he ordered the deep holes be excavated to confirm the revelations received. He said that he received reports that there are mass graves in the area. The report said that victims of murder were just thrown in the deep holes. He vowed to continue investigating on the said reports until the truth is revealed.

The bones found will be subject to forensic tests whether bones of a human being or of animals.

These reports are still connected with the Parojinogs who are believed to be notorious. The Parojinogs are also reported to be connected with “Kuratong Baleleng and the martilyo gang.”

Source: Ozamis City FB

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