Different Reactions Over Manny Pacquiao’s Defeat Against Horn

Manny Pacquiao’s defeat

Manny Pacquiao is lost, retired actor said in his twitter post yesterday after the Pacquiao vs. Horn match in Australia yesterday.

The result of the fight garnered tons of reactions. Pacquiao’ supporters seemed to disagree with the unanymous decision of the judges. The score card record tells different story than what was announced as the winner.

Manny Pacquiao’s supporters from the Phillipines gave their support using social media.

They said that even Manny lost the belt as boxing champion, he is still the champion for them.

Reactions on Pacquiao vs Horn

On the other hand, some celebrated the defeat of the people’ champ. Jim Paredes, a retired singer was on the hit after tweeting this.

Some said, it is better for Manny to retire and concentrate on his senatorial career. Oppositions said that Pacquiaos’s money is not for the Filipinos.

Even in sports, politics is still present. As we know that Manny Pacquiao is an avid supporter of Duterte while Jim Paredes is a vocal critic of the president. Paredes is also known as anti-Marcos celebrity.

Aiko Melendez also commented about the result.

Pacquiao vs Horn fight reactions

The world is talking about the fight and expect Pacquiao to retire as a boxer but one commentator said that “Pacquiao could not retire this way”. Even Bob Arum calls for a rematch between Horn and Pacquiao.

Pacquiao vs Horn rematch

Whatever people’s reaction on the latest fight of Pacquaio, there is only one thing we cannot deny. Manny Pacquiao is fighting both for his family and for the Philippines. He is a big icon for the Filipinos.

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