Senators Drilon and Lacson react to Ozamis raid

Senators Drilon and Lacson react to Ozamis raid

Many netizens were happy that the “untouchables” of Ozamis City has finally fallen. The so-called “drug dynasty’s” houses were raided simultaneously on July 30 Sunday morning.

The raid was led by Ozamis City police chief inspector Jovie Espenido. The said raid resulted to the death of Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr and wife Susan. Provincial Board Member Octavio Parojinog Jr also died during the raid. The authority confirmed that there are 15 casualties in total.

Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog-Echavez was also arrested and detained at Ozamis Police Station.

Senator Franklin Drilon, Senate Minority leader said that the case has similarity with the case of the late Mayor Rolando Espinosa of Albuera, Leyte. He questioned the issuance of search warrant. The search warrant in both cases were issued when it was still dark and has resulted death to those two alleged drug lord public officials.

“Why are search warrants, served before dawn as in the cases of mayor Espinosa and now, Mayor Parojinog, resut in deaths of the persons being searched? Both are tagged as drug lords. Too much of a coincidence?” Drilon asked.

Lacson’s reaction

On the other hand, Senator Panfilo Lacson has different take on the case. He said that Espinosa died under government custody. While the Parojinogs died in their home courts.

”Whatever the circumstances of the deaths are, at least this time, the mayor and the others killed were not under detention in a government facility,” Lacson said.

“They were reportedly in the mayor’s farm/residence and capable of shooting out with the authorities,” he added.

Lacson said that the case of the Parojinog’s is different because they were in their home courts and there were cross firing between the mayor’s men and the authorities that lasted for two hours. Unlike in mayor Espinosa’s case, he was inside the jail and has no possibility to fight back.

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