Duterte is Officially the Time 100 Most Influential People Winner of 2017

Consistently, the Philippine president, Rodrigo Roa Duterte has been leading the Time 100 poll 2017 since the said survey has commenced early this year.

Duterte is widely criticized by his opponents in politics and also by the international human rights advocates and media because of false information regarding his War on Drug campaign since he took office last year. President Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency because of his strong promises to help the Filipino people most especially in many issues in the government including the anti-corruption and anti-drug matters.

Many political parties including the Liberal Party (LP) think that the president is behind the so-called Extra Judicial Killing (EJK) issues in the Philippines. In fact, Sen. Leila De Lima, an LP senator, lead the first senate investigation on EJK but failed to prove the allegations against the president. The issues on EJK is kindled by some local media that caught worldwide attention. Despite the rumors and negative issues against Duterte, many still believe in his capacity as president moreover,  chosen as the most influential person in world in 2017 by winning the Time’s 100.

Many wanted to destabilize the Duterte government but failed because the people believe, most especially the Filipino people, that Duterte is a TRUE person and he is a man of his word.

Duterte was once called the “Punisher” by time magazine.

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