21-Year old Fil-Am ISIS connection

Young Fil-Am ISIS connection

Justin Sullivan, a 21 year old Filipino American is convicted of life imprisonment for planning of killing hundreds of Americans in the name of Islamic State.

Sullivan was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) last 2015 when his plan of attending a concert in Charlotte, North California to shoot people was discovered.

Sullivan wants to kill hundreds of civilians to show his support to the terrorist group according to the FBI.

The FBI were able to recover one assault rifle, ski mask, and books about rifles and battles. It was Sullivan’s retired Marine father who gave FBI the tips.

According to the investigation, Sullivan connected himself to a British hacker, a recruiter online for those who want to kill in the name of Islamic state. Sullivan told the undercover FBI agent that he wants to buy rifles in a gun show and would use the rifles in attacking a crowded place at his convenience.

Sullivan ordered the undercover agent to send him a silencer rifle but his mother saw it and asked him why he’s got that rifle and for what purpose was he going to use it. He then bribed the undercover agent with money and ordered to have his mother killed so that his plans won’t be revealed.

He was then arrested.

Sullivan stole his father’s rifle in the year 2014 and killed their neighbor John Bailey Clark. He even buried Clark’s body in a shallow pit. He is now facing murder case but the prosecutor is planning to appeal for death penalty against Sullivan.

Sullivan is strongly saying that he is not a murderer and pleading not guilty.

Source: ABS-CBN


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