Kian Delos Santos parents in Malacañang meet Duterte

Kian Delos Santos the Hero

Kian Delos Santos became instant hero for some people after his fate in the hands of abusive police officers. Delos Santos was the 17-year old victim of police abuses on war on drug campaign.

The said incident become hot topic both on social media and on TV even on the news papers and the Liberal Party (LP) took advantage of the case to push their agenda to make noise regarding the current administration’s war on drug campaign. Even the Catholic church joined the protest against the “abuse” of the Duterte administration. According to the protesters, Kian is just an example of the many victims of EJK happening in the Philippines right now and it must be stopped.

Justice for Kian Delos Santos

During the funeral of the young victim many joined the parade and accompanied the “hero” to his final resting place. It seemed many people showed their sympathy to the bereaved and call Duterte to stop killing innocents but the administration denied the said abuse in power and it already took action against the real perpetrators of the crime.

The police officers who were involved in the said killing are already in jail and the case is already filed against them.

Kian Parents and Duterte Meeting

On their meeting with the President, the parents we happy as Duterte assured them of the justice for Kian’s death and the real abusers must face the consequences.

Kian’s parents were mad against the administration because of the abuse but after meeting with Duterte, they’re already quiet about it as Digong assured them help solve the problem.

Duterte doe not support abuse and misuse of power on his drug on war campaign and shall punishment the abusers. Duterte clearly saw the CCTV footage of the incident and it is clear there was an abuse in the part of the police.

There was no clear details what the President and Kian’s parents agreed upon but it is very visible to their faces peace of mind and hope of the fast resolution of the case of their late son.

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