Nova Parojinog shabu sachet caught on video

Vice Mayor Nova caught on video

A cell phone video of Vice Mayor Nova Parojinog is spreading on social media. On the video, the young Parojinoy grab something onher bag and tried to hide it in her palm but the police caught and checked it. Parojinog tried to hold it tightly but in the end, a sachet with white substance was removed from her hand.

This a clear evidence against the Parojinog and their connection with the drug-related case. On the video also it is seen that Nova put something in her mouth. The video was captured by GMA news team.

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The Ozamis City Police headed by Chief Police Inspector Jovie Espenido served search warrant to the Parojinogs and raided their homes early morning Sunday. The authorities confirmed 15 casualties. According to the report, there were exchange of gunfire between two parties that lasted two hours. In the end, the city mayor and 14 others were killed in the operation.

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