People Recalls September 11 as West London Grenfell Tower ablaze

Grenfell Tower, West London was on fire since early morning today. Hundreds of firefighters and about 40 fire engines come to rescue and tried to put the fire down but had hard time making the fire stop.

Many people from the said 27-storey residential are feared to be trapped and eventually died inside the building. Some video showed people were jumping out of the building as the fire was getting intense. People on social media commented about the incident and compared to what had happened in 2001 when the twin tower of New York city went to the ground on September 11. reported that the people were advised not to leave the building even if there was a zero visibility in the area because of thick smoke and fire covered the area. The same command was given when the twin tower went down to earth.

Initial report said that the fire was coming from the second floor to the top floor of the 27 floor of the building. Fire brigade received several calls.

Stay tune for more updates.

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