Philippines is among the laziest country in the world according to recent research

Philippines rank on the world’s laziest countries

US based Scientist conducted a study on the world’s laziest countries. They use mobile app to monitors people daily walking activities.

The researchers collected data how  many steps people take per day. The data was taken from 700,000 people around the world including Hong-Kong, the UK, the USA, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries.

The result shows that the Philippines is among the laziest countries. This means Filipinos don’t take time to walk.

Hong-Kong is at the top with an average of 6,880 steps per day. The average steps Filipino take every day is only 4, 008 steps.

laziest country 2017

Indonesia is at the bottom, with only 3, 513 steps. Scientists from Stanford University conducted the survey using Argus app capable of recording daily activities, food, sleep, and heart rate.

laziest people in the world

Interestingly, this study helps scientist to determine the obesity level of the people in a particular country that were involved in the study. For instance, countries like Sweden, the gap between the most and least active and low levels of obesity is very small. The same is seen in the US and Mexico. The US however, has the higher level of activity inequality and high obesity levels.

The study also shows that gender affect the factor in levels of activity inequality. USA and Saudi Arabia show a high level of activity inequality. In those two countries, the record says that women are less active than men.

On the other hand, countries like Japan where there is low level of obesity and inequality, both men and women did the same amount of exercise.

The Philippines is ranked 43rd out of 46 countries involved in the study.

Does it mean Filipinos are lazy?

Even if the research shows that the Philippines is near the bottom, it doesn’t mean that Filipinos are among the laziest people around the world. There are also Filipinos in Hong-Kong, US, Saudi Arabia, etc. The result did not tell whether the study includes the ethnicity and nationality of the people who joined in the study. The result could not really determine the nationality of the people who participated in the study.

The least active countries

Indonesia 3,513; Saudi Arabia 3,807; Malaysia 3,963; Philippines 4,008; and South Africa 4,105. Sweden got the smallest gap on activity and inequality. Sweden also had one of the lowest obesity level.

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