A Wish


 As my fingers busily type the letters, to put into picture what my mind had constructed,

I utter a plea to be heard, gained merit, and be favored.

Out of the many desires my heart keeps, one wish tries to remain still and in composure,

Amidst the raging emotions, trying to conceal its anticipation.


I am bringing it to the deepest chamber, where it is consoled,

with the seemingly rhythmic lullabies of heartbeats.

for how long its restraint, is a question that only time could tell.

by then, things would have to face another dimension.


Who knows that at the end of the road, my journey would show the direction I longed in ages,

Where I would step through the rays of the imagined sunshine, in all its glory and beauty,

breathing the familiar air, embracing with humility and joy, the dream-come-true wish?

There, I bowed.


For there, I find my peace,

I meet The Creator.


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