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Many people are asking how legit Involve Asia is. You may have read reviews regarding it. However, we want to share our Involve Asia review regarding what it is about, and how to be an Involve Asia publisher or affiliate in 2021.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this article:

What is Involve Asia
Types of Membership
Publisher Sign-Up
Why Involve Asia

Involve Asia Review 2021

What exactly is Involve Asia?

One of the best methods to make money online is through affiliate marketing. It has many advantages. As an affiliate, you don’t need to own goods and transport them. In other words, it does not require interaction with consumers. All you have to do is get folks to click on you referral link. The rest, leave it to the program partner. 

Involve Asia helps many publishers accomplish and complete their advertising and marketing objectives since 2014. The business has collaborated with several marketers, including well-known brands like Lazada and Shopee. For this reason, we’ll examine Involve Asia review whether it’s the most refined marketing platform for affiliate marketing in Asia.

Membership Choices

There are two ways in which you can join Involve Asia. You may register as a Publisher or an Advertiser.

Publishers are people who share, publish articles or post to direct traffic to the advertiser’s product page to earn money. For this reason, advertisers may boost their sales because the platform will show their goods to a more significant number of people.

How Do I Become a Publisher?

It is entirely free to sign up as a Publisher. While there’s an option to advertise as an affiliate marketer under the Involve Asia affiliate sign up option. You need an existing website or a social media account to join.

1. Go to Involve Asia Sign-Up page.

Involve Asia review

2. The signup procedure is divided into four parts.

After landing in the sign-up page, you have to prepare for your property information. Property means your social media page, profile, YouTube channel, or your website.

a. Property Information

At this part, you have to enter all information about your website or social media account. For instance, you must explain the purpose of your website or social media. In addition, you also need to explain the type of channel you have. They provide great explanations of the five options here.

Involve Asia Property
b. Categorization of your Property

Involve Asia needs to know where your audience comes from. To do that, you need to declare clearly how you generate traffic. For example, you may choose “Pay per Sale” as your preferred type under “Type of Advertiser.”

If you have a social media account, you may use the “Network” traffic acquisition technique and if you own a website, choose the relevant ones. You have the option of selecting several things here.

Involve Asia Affiliate
c. Premium Inventory

It would help if you said YES or NO in this section. If you wish to share your rate information with Advertisers, choose YES. And if this doesn’t make sense to you, choose NO for the time being, because you can change your mind later.

d. Personal Info

This section is the last part where you must enter your account’s name and password. Next, you will be asked for a Corporation Name. If you do not own a company, provide your complete name. Your application will be accepted within 1-2 days.

Involve Asia categorization

Why Choose Involve Asia?

This will discuss the main reason why you should choose use Involve Asia. Because it has a diverse variety of sponsors on their roster. Firstly, It offers you more than one incentive venues. Secondly, it is easier to become an affiliate with Involve Asia compared to signing up as a Lazada Affiliate Program separately. Moreover, you have the ability to promote sponsors that do not have their own affiliate network, such as Shopee. Promoting Shopee goods is now feasible thanks to Involve Asia. Lastly and most importantly, you may advertise goods from well-known businesses via Involve Asia.

Final Thoughts

In totality, Involve Asia offers a friendly website interface and a performance reporting system that is superior to most affiliate programs on the market. That’s a good thing. If you’ve chosen to attempt Involve Asia, you should have a solid understanding of affiliate marketing.