LISTA is the one of the best alternative app for Small and Medium Enterprises. It is a business and finance app in one. This app is capable of digitizing your bookkeeping needs in our modern time.

Business Lista AppLISTA app is a FREE app offered by Lista Technologies Pte. Ltd. to help small business owners record their everyday transactions and be able to monitor their profit automatically. It is also able to record “Utang” or credits of the customers.

LISTA App users can track all the “In” and “Out” of their money in a very simple way. So no more wondering where their money goes up to the last centavo.


Benefits of LISTA App

This app is not only FREE but also gives tons of benefits to its users.

More Effective

In a day-to-day transaction, recording and monitoring every details of your transactions is difficult and sometimes you need different ledgers to record each of them. That’s was the old way! With Lista, you can record sales, expenses, profits, and even your customers’ debts in just one app. That’s how effective it is.

Time Saving

Typing on the keyboard or keypad is sometimes faster than writing manually. Also if you commit mistakes on writing, it is difficult to make your record book clean. With this app, you can record your transactions the fastest way. It is also easy to edit mistakes and error. No more manual calculations because the app do it automatically. It has built-in calculator to help you calculate every record you enter into the app.


This app is  using cloud-based storage to secure your record and transactions. Data is automatically backed-up on cloud after you enter the data into the app. If you lost your phone, you can get the secured back-up of your data as long as you know your number and password.

Maximize Profits

Manual  calculations sometimes has accuracy problem. This pp can also calculate your profit accurately and automatically. No more waiting for an accountant to give you the figure you need because it is already at your fingertip. This app is your own bookkeeper and account manager.