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Causes of depression, the silent enemy

Millions of people around the globe suffer a feeling of brokenness that never goes away and no matter what one’s family and friends do to comfort, to ease the feeling, to help, yet the monster within keeps pushing thoughts that make living a nightmare as things are bleak.

In the light of scientific studies, depression comes into full view as one of the top lists of illnesses. The person experiences persistent utter loneliness and low self-esteem. There is the bothering feeling of exhaustion that even to move out from the bed and associate are apparently impossible to do. A person with depression does not want to be around people but desires to be around them, such a complicated scenario. The numbness from feeling hopeless and helpless is searing that one opts to just let it end as it totally appears that life is extremely lonely. There is that deepest feeling of guilt for things done and not being done that an overwhelming withdrawal becomes the effect. There are more symptoms and these are spelling out psychological distress, a wake-up call.

There is no single cause of it. However, depression is triggered by crucial situations, like disappointments and life-changing events, for example, moving to a new place or losing a job. Genetics plays a big role in it, too. Another factor to consider is a person’s traumatic past. To sum it all up, this is not a matter to be taken lightly about. At the onset of this vulnerability, professional help has to be sought.

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