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How Filipinos Earn Millions Online–Di matatawaran ang Galing ng Pinoy

Di matatawaran ang Galing ng Pinoy

When it comes to diskarte, magaling tayong mga Filipinos. Filipinos are resourceful, creative, industrious, and a lot more to describe. Who would ever think that many Filipinos earn millions online without leaving home. Wow! That was really amazing!

ABS-CBN news reported, a certain man from Cavite, Iligan, Cebu, other provinces of the country have garnered millions of pesos in the 2013 by doing freelance work such as graphic artist, web designer, creative writer, or even being a virtual assistant from the comfort of their homes using only the internet and personal computer or laptop.

There are so many ways you can earn dollars online and on this article, I’m going to share them to you.

List on how Filipinos Earn Millions Online

1. Blogging

Yes, blogging. Blogging is always in my heart and the first in the list of my ways how to earn online based on my experience in the past. I used to be very active in blogging and always keep my site updated with the latest news, tips and ideas about anything. Back in 2009 when I started my first blog, I never thought I could earn some pennies online through writing. Earning a dollar a day was so impossible to me at first but as I got to love my work in blogging, I started receiving a couple or bucks to several hundreds a month. My highest earning at that time was $200 a day. I was receiving at least $500 a month from my active blog. Yes. That’s true. In fact, that amount is too low compared to some I know who are also doing blogging.

How does it happen? Well, there are so many things to explain about that in this article. I would like to discuss that matter in my up coming posts.

2. Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs is now gaining popularity among the Filipino community in fact the recent news tells us that Filipinos who don’t even leave their homes earn a lot of money from freelance jobs. Freelance job means having a job at your own free time without working with a fixed employer. One of the best advantages of doing a freelance job is the transportation as you don’t need to worry about traffic jam every morning just to go to the office or even to worry about your attire as you can work with your pajamas. Freelance job means freedom of what office workers do like clothing and transportation.

My neighbor in the Philippines (Joy) has been working online via oDesk or Elance for already several years. As I could remember, since 2005 and until now, she is still doing that and she earns very attractive money for the needs of her whole family.

3. Virtual Assistant

The word Virtual Assistant is not new to me. In fact, I became a part time virtual assistant before. Virtual assistant is like you are working in the office because you are usually hired by someone to do office and administrative work online from home while you are being monitored via webcam or time keeping software installed in your computer which also connected to your employer’s PC via internet.
Virtual Assistant is the other name of remote secretary or office workers. There are several companies who especially train individuals to become effective and reliable virtual assistants. While it is easy to get reputable employers when you enroll to such training companies but your earning is not as high compared to those freelance virtual assistants because the pay is normally cut by the middle man (virtual assistant companies).
Working as virtual assistant is just like working as a call center agent.

4. Sell Downloadable, Intangible and Tangible Items

If you are a business minded individual and if you want to start a small business which later on will bring you to become an entrepreneur, then selling small items online is the best jump start for you. You are open up a tiny online store using free resources online such as eBay, Facebook, etc. To illustrate, in 2008 and 2009, when I got my first personal computer and internet connection at home, I started to sell prepaid mobile credit online. I opened a Paypal account which I used to receive payment from my online clients. I also sold other downloadable item such as eBooks, etc. I even sold herbal drink and other health products.

Selling, if not your passion could be a big nightmare to you most especially if you don’t know how to run it to success. If you have a website, you can also sell ad space in your popular pages. I could recommend this because it is one of my sources of income. Advertising space can be sold from $10 up for the space size of 100 X 200 pixels. Advertisers are very much willing to display their ads in your website if you have good content and attractive traffic. So if you are planning to start this kind of venture, make sure to generate traffic first before doing it.

5. Others…

There are more ways on how to earn online for the Filipinos but for now, I will leave them to you. I would like to share what could those be in my next post. As of this time, I’ve got to go now. Thank you so much for your time and effort in reading this post. I hope you have got a lot of insight and be challenged to take new move to increase your income through online and technology. Cheers and God bless us all.
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