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PACQUIAO to cooperate PRRD vs corruption, ask Duterte to calm down

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Calm down Mr. President

As the issue between Pacquiao and President Duterte heated, the Senator asks the President to calm down and he is willing to cooperate with the government regarding corruption issues.

In his briefing yesterday, Senator Pacquiao mentioned that is it not his intention to provoke the President. The senator also urge the President to calm down after the heated issues between them.

He assures the chief executive that he is does not want any conflict instead he wants to collaborate with the government in its campaign against corruption.

Pacquiao totally understands the president’s reaction over the corruption issue, which he is also concerned about.

“Nire-respeto ko po ang ating Pangulo, napanood ko at narinig ko ang sinasabi ng ating Pangulo na nawawalan na siya ng pag-asa dahil sa lumalalang korapsyon sa ating bansa,” ani Pacquiao.

Despite the hot issues that may divide the party, Pacquiao said he still remains PDP-Laban.

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