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Pinoy Diskarte: How Do You Propose?

Pinoy, How Do You Propose?

Hmmm..what a question isn’t it? Marriage proposal might be the most romantic scene a lady is waiting before she enters into a married life. Well, for some young gentlemen they take this chance to show how affectionate they are to their partner and so they are making some extra ordinary wedding proposal.

In this post, I am going to share with you my collection of best and most romantic Pinoy wedding proposal I have ever discovered.

Let’s start from the latest:

My list of Wedding Proposal: a truly diskarteng Pinoy

1. JC Intal Proposed to Biance Gonzalez in NAIA 2

Basketball player JC Intal’s 3-year relationship with TV Host Bianca Gonzalez seems to be getting sweeter and more romantic as he proposed a wedding to his beloved in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminal 2 today while Bianca was waiting for her flight off to London today.

JC serenaded Bianca and and kneeled on his one knee and asked her hand finally. Bianca was very emotional and happy and could not stop from answering “yes” to her fiance.

Wedding proposal like this is really awesome and wonderful.

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2. Second to my list is Sean-Apple Wedding Proposal

Second in my list, though, not in particular order of the best wedding proposal, is the proposal of Mr. Sean Si to his long-time girl friend. That proposal was really awesome. In fact I think that was the best wedding proposal I have ever seen.

To get the whole story behind this proposal, you can read it here or watch the video below.

3. Is Yet to Come. Add Yours Now!
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