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Top 7 best gaming and noise cancelling headset to buy in 2021

Computer Gamers’ Essentials Checklist

Computer gamers are becoming more and more each day and in fact playing computer games become livelihood for others. Whether you are a local or international gamer, professional or amateur,  you will need the best gaming headset to fully enjoy the moment as you play in front of your computer. In this article you will learn the following:

Sound effect essential

Great visuals, smooth gameplay and an engrossing storyline aren’t everything that make a game truly amazing. Everything in it would be lacking something if there wasn’t any sound. Music is integral to create a full gameplay experience. It’s what helps allow us to immerse ourselves for hours upon hours in the beautiful scenery of Role-playing games(RPGs), builds suspense as we sneak around dark hallways in Horror games, gets our blood pumping in fight sequences in Action games, and calms and soothes us when we are struggling to progress in Puzzle games, to name a few among countless others. Sound effects(SFX) on the other hand, help give our input as a player impact and meaning, it’s a part of what gives the game juice, and adds to the player experience. Visuals and Audio go hand in hand, a gunshot should sound like a gunshot and a terrifying monster should sound like a terrifying monster. This is a fact that most game developers know, and spend a great deal of time, money and effort to perfect. And after all is said and done, all that’s left is for the players to fully engross themselves in the worlds created by the game developers. And for a true immersive experience, gamers around the world

have agreed to a golden standard for audio experiences – a gaming headset.

Headset differences

Headsets differ from headphones, in that they have an attached microphone to use for communication. Headphones can only receive audio, the communication only goes one-way. With a headset, you can converse and devise strategies with your teammates, meet new friends online or simply have fun and chat with old ones. But at the core of both, the most important aspect that they share is sound quality. You need good sound quality to fully enjoy everything the game developers worked hard to put in the game. And choosing the right headset can be the difference between an immersive playthrough and a flat one.

Good quality headset

A good quality headset should be comfortable, you’re gonna be playing hours upon hours on end, you wouldn’t want something that will pain your ears after a few minutes; have a good build, this goes hand in hand with comfort, you don’t want cheap plastic that, not only doesn’t feel good, but will break in a few weeks; a good mic, no one wants a glitchy mess for a teammate, so you need a good mic for good communication; and most importantly of all good sound quality, this encompasses everything from isolation to surround sound and 3D sound, they all strive to achieve crisp, directional sound, you need to know where the sound is coming from, whether it’s a incoming enemy or a lurking monster in the dark; good bass to high frequencies are a sign of a quality headset.

But not everyone has the time to do full research on the specification and quality of several headsets before picking one that matches their preferences. That’s why the list below was carefully picked by us for their quality as gaming headsets. They tick off all the boxes into what makes headsets great. From the lower end to the higher end, each item on the list is sure to be the best article in its relative price range. 

Top 7 best gaming headsets:

Brand/Model Description
Plextone G800 While by far the cheapest on the list, it doesn’t disappoint in quality. With great audio and noise cancelling at a low, low price, this is sure to be the top contender for best budget headset.

HP H120 Lightweight and breathable, this piece will be perfect for those who don’t want massive pads on their heads, but still want good quality sound.

SteelSeries Arctis 5 With an in-built game-voice chat audio balance and RGB highlighted earcups, this one is for those who want quality and style.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Boasting their dual chamber design, it reduces distortion for a cleaner sound. Good for those who want to hear distinct bass in their games.

Razer Blackshark V2 With it being an e-sports headset, it has been approved by gamers around the world. Great for people who want to take their gaming to the professional level.

Logitech G733 LIGHTSPEED The only wireless headset on the list, this headset boasts comfort more than anything. From their sleek pads to their expressive lights, it has both style and comfort.

Astro A50 The most expensive on the list, one can assume the maximum quality in all fields. Immensely soft pads, amazing sound quality and a receptive mic, if you want to splurge on a headset, this one’s the one to get. In whatever price range you want, is a quality headset for your gaming needs. Pick one from the recommended list or do your own further research so you can fully experience the game, the developers want us to experience.

Final thought

In choosing a gaming headset is quite complicated as each unit has its own advantages and disadvantages but whatever the reasons maybe, budget must be considered. We have presented the best headsets currently available in the market and we leave all the decisions to your own preferences. Enjoy gaming!
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