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Travel Advisory for Thailand After Martial Law 2014

Bangkok, Thailand–After Royal Thai military announced Martial Law early Tuesday morning, May 20, 2014, travel advisory for Thailand was lifted to alert number 2 by the Department of Foreign Affairs (Philippines). Other countries had also released travel advisory for Thailand and warned their citizens who are in the country to avoid involving in any political issues such as going to rally places, etc.

Late this afternoon, after 2 days of the Martial Law enforcement, the military had declared Coup d’etat all over the country which definitely affect public transportation and other business operations.

Traffic builds up in most major roads and highways in the metros after the coup announcement.

Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post.

Under the coup, military can detain any individual who will be roaming around during the curfew hours which runs from 10PM until 5AM the following day. This curfew hours cover local business and mass transportations like the BTS and MRT which operations will be closed at 9PM.

As of writing, airport operation is still normal although it is advisable for the tourist who come at night to stay in the airport until morning.

For safety, all tourists are advised to stay in their houses to avoid inconveniences during this crises in Thailand.

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