Community Pantries

The world’s crises bring forth a hope that humanity is not doomed. COVID 19 has brought the world excruciating pains. Death tolls and the agonies suffered by the victims and their loved ones, unemployment and the wounds that shatter people, and the fears because of the seemingly insurmountable problems that come one after the other are what mankind faces and struggles with to overcome. 

Out of the blue, people shed indifferences. To show concern and compassion to others who are going through tough times, they connect by sharing in their own ways some food and drinks and that was how community pantries spread to reach out. It is an act of love and trust of the people in the local community. 

It is purely commendable. Herewith stands selflessness and generosity. There are heroes amongst us. Unsung, yet those pure hearts do not need media coverage or applause for what they wish is for everyone to stand and be in one to work for a better human race.

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