Determination: Poverty's Lifeline


 Determined, she thinks again of her plans, so many things in her mind run

the future holds a mystery as she acknowledges the reality

that she is the captain of herself and has all the abilities

to achieve a change, she has the aces and the keys.


Some people are born with silver spoons

while many struggles, like her, who is working for boons

and in most times in silence, they croon

that the most-awaited reward that is cherished by the heart to come soon.


Slowly but surely, with love and humility, she starts to fashion

all the objects that need thorough concentration for her dream-realization

taking pace while constantly checking her passion

knowing that through it all she is setting the connection.


With tears on her face, triumphant and grateful, she looks at how she steers

Hardships all surpassed, she strongly bears and her career receives cheers.

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