3 Guide for Offloaded Passengers: How to get a ticket refund for

Offload issue NAIA terminal Philippines

Navigating the ordeal of offloaded passengers at Philippine International Airports can be daunting. This article delves into the experiences of Filipino travelers who’ve faced this ordeal at the Philippine International Airport. While we won’t delve into the complex reasons behind these offloading instances, we’re here to guide you on securing ticket refunds—a small solace for disrupted plans.

Being offloaded for your international flight is really traumatic. Many of our kababayans who are traveling abroad are being offloaded and not allowed to exit the country at any Philippine International Airports in the country.

There are several reasons why Immigration Officers [IO] bar Filipino travelers to fly outside the country but that is not covered in this article.

What does “Offload” / offloaded passengers mean?

Offload simply means that your checked-in baggage [if you have one] would be unloaded from the aircraft that you are supposed to board for your international travel after the IO decides you are incapable of traveling abroad or when a traveler does not meet or is not able to provide the documents required. Or if you don’t have any checked-in baggage, “Offload” simply means you cannot board the plane.

After the IO has decided that you have insufficient travel documents or have no valid purpose to travel, they will ask you to comply with all the requirements within 30 days, and you will be allowed to travel.

When this happens, the offloaded passengers normally suffer panic and disappointment. Many cry and are emotional not only because of the trauma they experience during the interrogation process inside the immigration office but also because of the thought that they can no longer refund the ticket they bought.

Budget travelers normally buy cheap tickets or economy tickets but are vulnerable to not being refunded as per airline policy.

As per the writing of this article, if you’ve been offloaded by the IO, you will be able to get your ticket back 100% for free.

How do you redeem your ticket if you are offloaded with Cebu Pacific?

Here are the steps on how to redeem your ticket:

Step 1: After you are offloaded, do not go home yet. Go to the counter where you have checked in. Ask for the receipt of the TRAVEL TAX you paid at the airport [it takes an hour or so]

Step 2: Go to the airline customer service booth and ask about the process for getting a refund for your ticket. The attendant will explain to you the process and give you instructions on how to process it online. NOTE: They don’t process it for you. You have to Do It Yourself.

Step 3: Go online [if possible on a laptop/PC for easy access and a bigger monitor] using CP or a laptop or computer and follow the instructions from the guide handed out by the attendant.

  • Go to cebupacificair website
  • Manage Booking
  • Enter the booking reference number
  • Enter your surname/surname of any passenger included in the ticket
  • Go to Past Booking
  • Choose your option
    • Rebook Flight [within 30 days]
    • Convert to travel fund
    • Refund Ticket [2–3 months processing]

What is a travel fund?

The Travel Fund is a virtual wallet used to store the total amount you spent booking an airline ticket. For Cebu Pacific, the Travel Fund is valid for 6 months but will allow you to book tickets in a span of one year.

For example:

 Date of Conversion: February 03, 2023

offloaded passengers

Travel Fund Validity: 180 Days [Valid until August 2, 2023]

 You can use your travel fund to book your ticket until August 2, 2023 [the last day you can use your TRAVEL FUND].

Booking Date: August 2, 2023

Travel Period: August 02, 2023 – August 02, 2024 [Span of 1 Year]

Your unused ticket will be 100% converted to the Travel Fund since Immigration has not allowed you to fly.

For a rebooked ticket, you might be paying for the difference between the original amount of your ticket and the actual amount of the ticket you rebooked within 30 days.

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