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Have you wondered how people think of the Philippines Presidential candidates 2016? Well, a lot of people are very creative about making the meaning of their favorite candidates.

The most popular candidates are Duterte, Mar Roxas, and Binay. Here are the viral ACRONYMs:

Davao Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte

D - urugista U - ubusin T - aongbayan uunahin E - conomic crisis R - eresolbahin at T - ataas ang E - mployment
Makati Mayor (Vice President) Jejomar Binay
B - abawiin ang campaign I - nvestments at N - anakawin A - ng Y - aman ng Pilipinas
DILG Secretary Manuel (Mar) Roxas
M - araming A - nomalya at R - aket na ka-epalan
Few hours after it is launched, Presidential candidate, Mar Roxas' "Walang Drama" political campaign video goes viral online.

On the video, Mar Roxas speaks in Tagalog as follows:

Mar Roxas po! Sabi nila, hindi ako laki sa hirap. Wala akong madramang kwento.
Pero hindi naman tungkol sa akin ang eleksyon eh.
Tungkol it sa inyo at sa inyong pamilya.
Hindi ko kayo bibigyan ng hugot. Tututukan ko trabaho para sa inyo; 'yon ang alam ko.
'Yon ang kaya ko.
Itutuloy ko ang daan matuwid. Kung may kulang pa, pupunuan ko,
Kung may mali pa, itatama ko. Higit sa lahat, HINDI KO KAYO NANAKAWAN.
Watch this video on YouTube below.

Has campaign period already started? Watch and enjoy the video. Decide wisely who to vote on the election day.

Thank you so much for watching!
Other photo of Mar Roxas speaking in front of thousands of supporters in Siquijor and promising the completion of Siquijor Airport to improve tourism and livelihood in the province.

It's nice to see people of different nationalities than yours speaking your tongue.

One guy in Holocaust memorial place in Berlin, Germany caught attention from a customers who are buying donuts in one of the stalls there. Below is the whole story based on the video clip:

"Baligya sad ta'g donuts, kwarta sad ta gamay"

Traveling to different places you haven't been to is surely a surprise-filled fun experience but the last thing you'd probably expect to see/meet is a Bisaya-speaking German. Bisdak kaayo, bai!

At Dunkin Donuts, Holocaust Memorial, Berlin.
 This is from the post of certain Asnin Pendatun on January 25. The video now getting viral with more than 600k views on Facebook.

At the moment, it has more than 12k shares and really many people liked this guy most especially those Cebuanos or those who speak Cebuan dialect.

This German guy studied Psychology in Cebu City but was not able to use his credentials in his hometown so he just sell donuts, according to him.

He said, "...Graduate ko'g Psychogy unya ang problema ana kay di man makuan ang akong mga records diri ba...di nila i acknowledge unya dapat mag two years pa gyud ko diri unya kay wa man koy oras anang eskwela balik, so  Baligya sad ta'g donuts, kwarta sad ta gamay, mangita nalang tag paagi..." (I graduated Psychology but the problem is, they don't acknowledge my records here and they want me to take another two years but I don't have time to study again so now I'm selling donuts so I can get a little money.)

So many reacted and really amazed with this guy as he really speaks Cebuan dialect very fluently. He wanted to go back to Cebu on his vacation.

Please watch the video below:
YouTube Channel:

Original Facebook Post

"Baligya sad ta'g donuts, kwarta sad ta gamay"Traveling to different places you haven't been to is surely a surprise-filled fun experience but the last thing you'd probably expect to see/meet is a Bisaya-speaking German. Bisdak kaayo, bai!At Dunkin Donuts, Holocaust Memorial, Berlin.
Posted by Asnin Pendatun on Monday, January 25, 2016
Confidential Church of Satan Photos Leaked on Social Media

Satan is so busy these days that he even makes a church under his name, Satan, and makes it well known in whole world as confidential photos from the Church of Satan leaked in the social media lately.

The spirit of the devil is roaming around the world and he tries to inject to the mind of the people his devious and cunning act by getting their confidences that he is not harmful and he is a friend of many that he can make men wealthy, intelligent, etc. just like how he tricked Even in the garden of even.

Lately, a very popular FB page with more than a million followers shared the most disrupting and controversial photos of a church they call, “New Satanic Church” in Montenegro, Quindio, Colombia showing the setup inside the church where you can see a lot of demonic symbols and pictures.

It has a big statue of Satan at the center of the pulpit and two big upside-down crosses hanging on both sides of the pulpit. You can also see the photos of the devil hanging on the walls and guess what, the seats are embroidered with serpent and the all-knowing-eyes, the symbol of Illuminati.

At the center isle also shows a big star showing the head of a goat representing the satanic goat of Mendez also known as the “god of lust”.

According to one article, there are a lot of demonic rituals that are happening in this church but according to the doctrine of Theistic Satanism, Satan is a good individual and has a positive force and deity who can be worshiped and revered. Satan is considered as the having a virtuous characteristic.
The said photos that are making round the social media was taken by an unidentified source.
Take your time to see how this church of Satan looks like.

the serpent representing the devil since the beginning of the world

the head of goat of Mendez, the god of lust

big statue of satan at the center of the pulpit

the all-knowing eye and the 666 symbol or the mark of the beast

upside-down cross symbolizing the Anti-Christ

Jesus is coming very very soon as we see the signs of His coming is rapidly fulfilling just before our own eyes! Hold on to your faith and share the Gospel! God bless and thank you for reading.

Who is Mocha Uson? An Unverified Post against Mar Roxas Rounds the internet, Gets Backfire from Netizens


Have you heard of Mocha Uson? A blog article I read lately says that certain Mocha Uson is a paid blogger from Duterte’s camp to attack Mar Roxas. Although the said blog is not verified at the moment, people have given their opinion regarding the said blog.

According to (, Mocha Uson tries to discredit Mar Roxas bid for presidency. It is mentioned in the article that Roxas camp was giving leaflet inserted with 200 pesos to buy the precious vote of the Filipinos.

Supporters from both sides, immediately spread the said page in social media and caught a lot of attention from the netizens.

Many were convinced that Mocha Uson was paid by Duterte’s camp as the FB page of the said blog has more than 2 million likes and is actively campaigning for Davao Mayor Duterte on his presidential race on May 2016.

Many from Duterte supporters disagreed that said propaganda.
The said blog created mixed comments and reactions from both parties such as the following:

1. Anyone can do this

  • According to certain Paula Garcia on her comment on the post, “anyone against roxas could easily just post this. Taong makitid and utak nalang ang maniniwala ditto.”
  • Raymond Sinfuego said, “Pwede naman ako kumuha ng flyers din ni roxas tapos mag lagay ako ng 200 sa tabi neto sabay picture at kwento ng kung ano ano ka bullshitan.

2. Mar’s Camp is not that Stupid

  • Richie Sta. Romana, “mawalang galang nap o!!! di naman po siguro ganyan Katanga si mar roxas di po ako makamar roxas solid duterte po ako pero nakaka bilib na sa Makati ngangyari?? Parang may mali at may picture pa?? di po ganyan ang bilihan ng boto nasa bahay po yan binigay minsan nasa bahay ng kapitan o ng area campaign manager di po parang tinda na inilalako sa palagay ko di naman ganyan kabobo so mar roxas although maepal yan pero di naman sya magnanakaw gaya ng mga binay mas maniniwala pako na si binay ang gumawa nyan.”

3. Allegation is incompeten

  • Julius John Abellana Macadangdang, “Patunayan mo muna yan. Hnd ung narinig mo lang sa ibang tao at narinig LNG din nia..hnd competent ang alegasyon mo te.. Mas nakakahiya ka..”
4. From Duterte supperters themselves

  • Kimsey Gonzales Capili, “duterte ko sa election pero sa tingin ko hnd naman bobo c mar roxas para gawin nyang bagay nay an”

5. Di ako maka-Ma’ but this style is stupid

  • Miguel Francis, “bakit namn gagawa ang isang candidate ng isang napaka obvious way na ikakasama nya? Im not a pro mar roxas…but I gues ndi totoo yang post na yan.”

6. Black propaganda

  • Sugar Deloverjes, “…I think isa yan sa mga black propaganda ng ibang partido para manira…”
Others said that there was no clipping of 200 pesos and they said that account was fake and just a dummy account of certain candidate and the main intent of the said post is to discredit both Duterte and Roxas and will be disqualified for the race most especially Mar Roxas.

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As remittances from Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) slows down, speculations about the exchange rate of the US dollar over the Philippines peso will also drop to 49 pesos per US dollar and this speculation will last until the end of this year.
Photo: Business Philippine Daily Inquirer

Philippine peso might be weaken in the first half of the year due to the global financial crises and due to the downfall of Chinese economy, the world’s largest economy source.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas farecasts for the slowing down of the OFW remittances to 4% from the original 5% rate. This is also due to the lower exchange rates from the OFW’s host country.

However, according to Standard Chartered’s global chief economist, Marios Maratheftis, Philippine peso is more stable than other currencies in the world.

This financial and economic meltdown has been heard since early last year and is expected to continue in the coming months.

Expect for the worst scenario and everyone must take consideration on their spending as the world’s economy is getting worse than ever before. In addition, there are other factors that affect the Philippine economy such as oil price hike in the world market and the import-export of goods of the nation.

We will be giving you more updates about economy soon. Thank you for dropping by. God bless!