Paolo Bediones Private Cartoon MP4 Video and the Republic Act 10175

Paolo Bediones suddenly becomes the latest trend on the internet after his alleged video scandal leaked in social media and public blog sites including online newspapers.

In the said Cartoon MP4 video, Paolo Bediones who happened to be one of the most wholesome personalities on Philippine Television hosting various TV reality programs like GMA's "Extra-Extra or Extra challenge" and many others, had performed private act with a young, good looking model China Roses who reportedly denied being the lady on the private video with the TV host.

People enjoyed the video, obviously, and begun spreading it for the purpose of gaining popularity in their site or to get traffic but what does the cyber crime act say about leaking or spreading scandalous video?


The leaked video was uploaded to different sites such as torrents, blogs, even the most public wholesome video channel, YouTube. The leaked video was on air when the news came about.

Republic Act 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 did not impose any new penalties for the spreading of scandal videos online mainly because there’s already a law that governs it, which is RA 9995 or the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009.
Section 4.d of the said law prohibits anyone from showing or exhibiting “the photo or video coverage or recordings of (sexual acts) or any similar activity through VCD/DVD, Internet, cellular phones, and other similar means or device.”
Participants of spreading the lewd materials via internet is liable of this republic act.

In the past years, I was also writing articles which was related to scandals and to call attentions to readers to spread the news but after realizing such step was a big mistake, I stopped doing so and I started to take down such articles from this blog.

Why people are delighted to publicize such materials which in fact it could only harm the victims?

Paolo Bediones is one of my favorite personalities because of his not only entertaining but also wholesome TV programs. I was shocked to hear that he became the spice of the scandalous conversation over the internet right now. Should Paolo intend to take such video but surely he was a victim of such publication unless he himself has participation in such act.

The video had circulated in the internet more than a wildfire as a lot of people are being curious of such video content. I hope you won't be caught of participating in the publicizing that materials as according to the Philippine Law, you will be penalized and must face the consequences of doing so.

God bless everyone.

Usaping Vhong-Deniece Rape Issue: This is the Real Story

Ang usaping rape sa pagitan ng actor, dancer, at comedian-host, Vhong Navarro at ng babaeng di ko gaano kilala, at para bang hindi matapus-tapos dahil sa samot saring mga balita ang lumalabas. Sa katunayan ay maraming artikolo sa mga blog at mga social media pages ang lumalabas at nagsasabi na kung anu-ano.

Merong nagsasabing namatay na raw si Vhong, na si Deniece at Cedric Lee at may relasyon at ang pinakadahilan ng pag kabugbog kay Vhong ay ang relasyon nina Cedric at Deniece. Nakakalito na ang mga balitang ito at para yatang pinag pipiestahan ito sa buong mundo? Ano po ba talaga ang tunay na nangyari? Sino ang totoong biktima at sino ang totoong kawawa?

Abangan nalang po at kami po ay magsasaliksik pa nag mga tutuong detalye. Salamat sa inyong panahon.

Talk 'N Text Gaan Unli Trio Plus 15 Promo

Talk 'N Text Gaan Unli Trio Plus 15 Promo

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4 Physical Marketing Techniques that Are Effective in the Digital Age

 Guest Post by: Chaleigh Glass

4 Physical Marketing Techniques that Are Effective in the Digital Age

While the average business is raving about the benefits of online marketing, many have forgotten that many tried-and-true offline marketing strategies are still extremely viable in today's market climate. What's more is that the mass migration from offline to online that has overtaken the business world has actually made it easier to profit from old-school physical marketing. While jumping on the digital bandwagon is still a great idea, a true strategist can see the value in using one of the most trusted forms of marketing that has ever existed.

Postcards and Salutations

One of the easiest ways to break into the world of physical marketing is with a friendly greeting card. There are plenty of occasions that warrant a postcard. Birthdays and holidays are two of the most common occasions, but it can also be nice to receive a card every now and again for no particular reason. It's important to realize that some potential customers might feel left out of the festivities on major holidays such as Christmas, and receiving a friendly card from a stranger can be a welcomed surprise. The impact that this card leaves is what makes this form of marketing so effective. For example, a dentist looking to fill up their client list can easily order special dentist themed postcards from a website such as These cards will show their customers that they care, while also reminding these same people that it is time to have their teeth checked. It's versatile, flexible and it doesn't cost a fortune.

Branded USB Sticks

A happy medium between digital and physical marketing is the branded USB stick. A simple flash drive that contains product information or other marketing material is an easy way to get the word out. This is great for businesses that have a model centered around returning customers, as they will always have access to product information without having to search very far. They'll also be reminded of the business every time that they use their USB drive.

Promotional Pamphlets

Pamphlets are still a great way to spread the word. A high-quality pamphlet that uses glossy paper, high-definition pictures, important information and strong selling points will undoubtedly have an impact on potential customers. These are highly cost-effective and can be implemented very quickly.

Personalized Invitations

One of the least recognized ways to earn a customer is to personally invite them to an event or store location. Some businesses can also invite themselves into the homes of their potential customers; this is one of the cores of vacuum cleaning and beauty product salespeople from all over the world. Simply giving a potential customer their own personal attention can leave a fantastic impression on them.

While there's thousands of different approaches to physical marketing, these four approaches have been time-tested and can be applied to any business.

Rope Swing Zip Line at NFL Stadium: Panasonic Aerial Concepts

As Panasonic tries to dominate the market of its own products, a video is made to exhibit  the latest Panasonic Aerial Concepts. The videos were made using the hooked Panasonic wearable cameras. This is to promote other products show in their website.

Panasonic's A100: Point-of-View Lifestyle Wearable Full HD Camcorder is just one of the most amazing gadgets that has been released. A100: Point-of-View Lifestyle Wearable Full HD Camcorder features are the following:
      • Live broadcast life from your point of view in Full HD
      • Automatically compensates for tilt and stabilizes video
      • Wear and share comfortably even in wet conditions
      • This camera originally costs $299.99 but as it is on promo it is now only $24400. (Check price here)
    Watch this video and enjoy!!!

    Globe Telecom FREE Facebook Until January 25, 2014

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    5 Ways to Lighten the Load for Business Owners

    Guest Post by: Dixie Somers, a freelance writer from Arizona

    Are You a Business Owner Swamped with Work? 5 Ways to Lighten the Load

     Many entrepreneurs and business managers find themselves under an ever growing workload and no help in managing it in sight. This can be a very stressful situation that can lead to productivity loss and unintended mistakes that can severely hamper progress. There are several things that can be done to reduce the fatigue and see light at the end of the long workday tunnel for those that are willing to commit to a few changes in how the arrange their businesses labor distribution. Here are a list of the 5 most effective methods for getting out of under a severe work overload and to make sure that it stays that way for good.

     Delegate mundane tasks to others 

    Business owners and executive climbers are notorious for not wanting to give up responsibility for even the most minute task associated with the projects that they helped create. At some point before the second heart attack there has to be a realization that even Superman had Lois to handle things back at the Daily Planet.

    Hire a VA - Locally or Anywhere Worldwide 

    Reaching out for help does not have to end with your own organization, or even your own country. Virtual assistants are just like their real world counterparts, but do not have to be in your locality or command regional wages. The longer it takes you to reallize that you need assistance, the longer you will stay buried in your work.

    Automation - The Metal File Cabinet Is Dead 

    Automating most of your record keeping tasks and storage is as common sense as having the secretary mimeograph the tax statements. White Label Backup Servers can keep your home office, your assistants in the Philippines, and you all on the same page with secure and reliable data backup and brand consistency.

    Become Location Independent - Work while you work out

    Try to arrange an agreement with your employer or rearrange your physical responsibilities to accommodate telecommuting or other location independent arrangements at least part of the time, if not full time. Being free to carry on with normal life while at the same time being productive in the business world can be liberating.

    Get a Life Already - Step Away From The Gerbil Wheel 

    Make a decision to evaluate whether the work you are doing even needs to be done. Often those with professional responsibilities create impossible workplace
    conditions for themselves for no reason at all. Getting out and attending even the smallest social.

    New Year's Blog Challenge: the rebuilding blog in the year 2014

    2013 Recollection

    It's been a long time since I wrote my last posts in this blog and unfortunately, those posts could not be viewed anymore as they were stored in my previous host.

    If I think of the past year, there were a lot things that happened to me and my family which I really could not forget. Only of the most memorable one was, I was given a new baby which I really love.

    2013 is when I first leave my family to search for the good things for my family as well. It was when I first experience loneliness while away from my beloved family. Well, it was also the year when I learned how to accept the reality in life when real things happened on how to raise a family.

    However, 2013 also taught me how to start a new beginning most especially to look forward to this Brand New Year in my life. My life has increased another year and more challenges and there are things I consider the best to start with this year.

    Start Rebuilding My Blog

    In the past years (2009), I learned to love writing and started out this blog. At first, I had difficulties in doing this task due to time and money. When I star blogging, I never realized something would happened that could absolutely change my life. It where I develop my passion in writing (still developing) and reasoning (to express my opinions and thoughts). Well exactly as that is what blogging all about.

    2013, I consider as a disaster in my blogging career. It was when I rarely update my blog until such time I could no longer renew my hosting account that eventually led to a dead blog. My interest in writing was gone and I didn't know how to start over. But I really have to come back to this passion.

    This year of the horse (2014) I have realized I must rebuild my blog to continue my hobby and develop my writing skills.

    Rebuilding my site is the best thing I must do this year 2014. Thank you for reading this post.

    Four Services Every Small Business Needs

    Guest Post by: Madyson Grant Customers make the business what it is. Customers are also known to have endless questions and complaints. A phone answering service is used to handle these concerns. There are plenty of other tools and technologies that you need to know as a businessperson. There are four basic services that every small business needs to thrive.

    Video Conferencing

    Video teleconferencing is needed by businesspeople who must communicate face to face but cannot because of distance problems. Holding a teleconference is similar to holding a meeting over the phone. Establish a video connection that allows you view one or more individuals. Increase the efficiency by using a computer to share files and images. Setting up this video system is a simple task that can be done by a computer beginner. With group video conferencing, communicate across country lines and talk to hundreds of people at once.

    Payroll Service

    If you own a large business, you are likely to hire diverse staff members like accountants, office assistants and marketers. It is useful to outsource tasks like phone answering, payroll management and Web design. Save a lot of time and effort this way. Outsource payroll duties like auditing, check printing and tax filing. Even though outsourcing seems like an unnecessary cost, it increases work efficiency.

    Customer Service

    Customer service is not much unless it is high quality. Do not underestimate the importance of a strong customer support system. A business can lose hundreds of customers because of bad service alone. There are plenty of ways to improve the customer service system. Find a targeted audience and then cater to individual buyers. Get feedback right after purchases are made. Some customers have bad experiences and never complain to the business. Instead, they give bad reviews that could be false or exaggerated. A company should have a feedback system that is part of high-quality customer service.

    Phone Answering Service

    A phone answering service is valuable for a company that needs to look professional. An answering system will increase the size of your business, making it seem busier than it is. Also, have more time to focus on tasks other than answering the phone. The fact is that people are curious and desire to ask questions about your business. Hire a receptionist who is available during many hours of the day. A live person is better than an answering machine that cannot answer complicated questions. There are different kinds of phone answering professionals who work at varying salaries and work in teams or individually.

    Employees and customers want to belong to a highly efficient company. There are several services that are needed for the success of a major business. In time, you may have to expand the business or hire.

    Super Typhoon Agaton or Yolanda the Return?

    Many were surprised when the Super Typhoon "Yolanda" hit the Philippines during the last quarter of the year 2013. I could not imagine how deadly that typhoon was as I never experienced such huge and catastrophic tropical storm in my entire life.

    Pity those who were victims whose properties were swept by the rushing flood, those whose lives became instant payment for what they call "nature revenge".

    Many people say, "ENOUGH!" "We have suffered so much!" In fact, still many have not recovered from the devastation "Yolanda" brought to the country.

    2014 is, though, another year of hope yet another greater challenges are coming that everyone must be ready of.
    New month, New Year, New Typhoon is expected as the very first typhoon of the year, "Agaton" is expected to hit the country by the 16th or the 17th of this month. Everyone must be ready for greater possibilities that this rumored super typhoon has to come again in our country.

    Expect the unexpected while there is still time. We don't want this to happen again.

    According to the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Administration (PAGASA), it is  still early to predict and tell how strong this typhoon would be as the Low Pressure Area (LPA) that is seen in the Pacific Ocean can still be dissolved while approaching the Philippine Sea.

    Keep updated for this news.