GE’s Hollow Flashlight: Battery less Flashlight, a Filipino Pride Invention in 2013

Let us hear some good news today. A 15-year old half Polish and half Filipino student from Victoria has invented a hollow flashlight or a flash without a battery. Yes, you heard it right. A hollow flashlight is the latest invention that would change the world. Our world is dying and the natural energy sources are gradually consumed by humans.

Ann Makosinski was only 15 years old when she invented a hollow flashlight, a flashlight which uses only the human heat and a cool air to produce electricity that lights it up. Ann started to this invention when one day she and her family visited their relatives in the Philippines who lived in a village which the electricity was the problem.

Because of that problem, Ann wanted to make a solution for that problem.

Miss Makosinski became a winner of her age group at the 2013 Google Science Fair. Her invention does not only answers the problem she saw in the Philippines during her visit but she hopes of providing light to people around the world who are still living in the darkness of the night.

On her speech at TEDx Talk, Ann encourages every young people to “Be the source” of the solution and one must start at the early age.

This young woman is really a great inspiration not only of the young people but for everyone of her time. Please watch the entire speech below.


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