Gaming and Video Editing PC Build Under 30k Pesos Budget

Looking for budget computer set for gaming and video editing that does not break your pocket?

In today’s society, people are getting involved in technology and both young people and professionals are trying to build their own PC set either for gaming or video processing. What if your budget is low? In this article we are going to share about building your own PC set with budget of a least ₱20,000.
Gaming PC build under 30k Pesos

Optimal Gaming PC for a budget of at least ₱20,000

It’s every gamer’s dream to have an optimal gaming pc, with the fastest processors, a massive display and beautiful graphics. Unfortunately, achieving those can cost thousands upon thousands of your hard earned money, money that, especially nowadays, can be hard to come by. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a gaming pc of your own, because you don’t need to spend that much money to build one. You can actually build a gaming pc for as little as ₱20,000.
With around ₱20,000, you can buy the parts and build a perfectly workable, albeit relatively modest, gaming pc. You won’t have the fastest processors, and you may need to sometimes tone down the graphics to medium, but it can absolutely get the job done. And sometimes, you don’t need to spend upwards of ₱100,000 to play the games you want to play anyway. ₱20,000 does sound like a lot of money, but you won’t be only playing games on it. With the parts we will list below, not only can you modestly play the high-end games you want, you can: have a myriad of tabs open on your preferred browser, Discord or other voice-chatting applications running in the background or even quickly edit audio, video and images on your preferred editing software.

Buying Right Components

Making a computer by yourself entails buying the parts required for assembly. Choosing the parts is where the price can drastically rise. There are myriad parts out there, each slightly different than their competitors’ counterparts. You need to properly research the specifications or specs you want, and whether it fits your budget, if you want to keep costs low, without hurting the performance too much. Though, we don’t always have time to research for parts ourselves, that’s what this guide is for, so you can read up on our recommended parts. And you can build yourself a budget computer set for gaming and video editing.

Generally a pc needs a Central Processing Unit(CPU), which serves as the brain of the computer; a Graphics Processing Unit(GPU), which renders the images into your monitor; a Solid-State Drive(SSD) or Hard Disk Drive(HDD), which serve as the storage; random-access memory(RAM), for short-term data storage; a Motherboard(Mobo), which allows the previous components to communicate; a Power Supply Unit(PSU), to give power to everything, and a Case to hold all the components in a neat and orderly fashion. Each of them come in a variety of different specs from a variety of different manufacturers. But here’s a set of parts for a modest pc, for around ₱20,000.

Parts Price Insight

Price for 20k-30k budget Gaming PC Build
Components Brand/Model Estimated Price
Lower End Intel Core i3-10100F ₱4,390
Higher End AMD Ryzen 5 2600 ₱ 8,800
Lower End Gigabyte GT 1030 ₱3,999
Higher End MSI GTX 1050 ₱7,450
Storage/Hard Drive    
Lower End Kingston A400 240GB ₱1,950
Higher End Patriot Burst 480GB ₱2,610
Lower End Gigabyte H410M S2 (LGA1200) ₱3,350
Higher End ASUS B350 Plus ₱4,150
Power Supply Unit    
Lower End Deep Cool DE 500 v2 ₱1,600
Higher End Cooler Master Elite V3 ₱1,850
Tower Case    
Lower End TRENDSONIC Thor (THO6A) ₱1,850 
Higher End Thermaltake Versa H15 MATX ₱2,200
  Total Lower End ₱18,439
   Total Higher End  ₱29,670

Final Thoughts

30K pesos PC build like this is very powerful and keep in mind, all prices listed are for brand-new items. Buying second hand can surely decrease prices further, but that itself comes with its own risks. Consider these items, and do further research so you can make a budget pc that suits whatever your needs are.

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