Bees and Their Importance

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 Bees are insects closely related to wasps and ants,

when they sting someone that person normally rants,

not knowing that female bees sting

because they are threatened and end up dying.


On the human skin, stingers, bees leave

costing them their lives to be at stake,

the massive abdominal rupture they endure,

as they meet their fate for sure.


Bees are one of the agents of pollination,

without them, the world faces problems on food production,

mankind has to know that their extinction,

means to human lives a malfunction.


People reason that it is not something to worry

the quote that Einstein said has no legacy,

but it is true that bees are of great importance,

for even the Bible accounts to its relevance.


In the ecosystem, each bee helps as a pollinator,

that alone is a mighty task in saving nature,

from the group of honeybees, the honey is the purest gift,

various diseases it treats, so please, don’t let your thanks drift.


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