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    Tuesday, December 22, 2015

    Miss Universe Beauty Pageant Winner Trending in Social Media, Filipinos are Celebrating

    Headlines today: Miss Universe beauty pageant is now a trending topic among social media (Facebook and Twitter). In fact the election 2016 issue between Duterte and Roxas is temporarily silence because of the crown and pride Miss Philippines Universe has brought to the country.

    Miss Universe pageant 2015 ended with the Philippines being the new Miss Universe winner. The announce of the winner was so dramatic when the announcer mistakenly pronounce Miss Columbia the winner instead of Miss Philippines. Hast tag ##MissUniverse2015 is so popular that it becomes a world wide trend on twitter a few moments after the announcement.

    Ms. Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, native of Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines was very surprised as she did not expect to get the crown as she was already given the 1st Runner up sash. After hearing that Mr. Steve Harvey, the contest announcer mistakenly announced the winner, Pia was so astonished and even she could not say anything but to smile and ramp in the front stage. People raging and shouting inside the studio cheering her congratulations.

    Miss Columbia on the other hand was also happy for winning the second place in the pageant. Columbian President still believe Miss Columbia is the winner on the contest. According to him, photos of Miss Columbia being crowned and with the crown is just enough evidence that they won the pageant.

    On one hand, the Filipinos around the world are so proud of getting back the long lost pride as Philippines once became the title holder of the Miss Universe 42 years ago. This year is the new chapter of Filipina beauty. So proud to be a Filipino! Mabuhay Philippines!