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    Sunday, September 25, 2016

    Former PDEA Chief, Ferdinand Marcelino Could be De Lima's last ACE, Disproved Claims being Forced to Testify Against De Lima

    The "war against drug" turns "war against De Lima" became popular in the past weeks when Senator Leila De Lima was leading the senate hearing on EJK issues against President Duterte. The hearing where De Lima brought witnesses such as Edgar Matobato made a boomerang effect against the senator as high-profiled inmates and other police officials testified against her.

    On the same day, De Lima made a press conference and mentioned Lt. Col. Marcelino to be forced by the administration to testify against her. The latter denied the senator's allegation over his statement regarding De Lima's connection to drug trade during her time as DOJ secretary.

    On a TV interview, Marcelino denied and mentioned that no body paid or came to him and offer something in exchange of his testimonies against the senator and he only promised to say the truth for the benefit of the while Filipino people.

    On the other hand, De Lima urged Marcelino to explain further what he meant in his text messages to his Mistah that was leaked and read by De Lima during her press-con.