French Woman Backpacker in Thailand Gone Viral after Refusing to remove Smelly feet from Headrest of the passenger bus

“Common sense in automatic!” A certain post of a Thai guy received volume of reactions from a lot of people after “Too close for comfort” post of a French woman caught on film for putting her smelly feet on the passenger seat headrest of a tourist bus in Thailand.

Credit: @Narong Thaopanya / Facebook

A certain French woman backpacker whose name was not know rudely put her smelly socked feet on the passenger headrest on a passenger bus traveling from Bangkok to Sukhothai province in Thailand. A Thai guy who was sitting in the front seat of the said woman asked the tourist to remove her feet for several times but this inconsiderate woman ignored the request. The Thai guy filmed the incident and uploaded on Facebook where it got a lot of reactions.

One thing tourist should do when visiting other countries is to respect other people most especially when they are in the public places moreover in the transportation. It is also noted that in Thai culture, the foot/feet is the dirtiest part of the body while the head is the most sacred part of the body and raising someone’s foot over the head shows disrespect and too rude behavior.

In the case of the French woman who raised her feet on the headrest, she did not only offend the Thai people by putting her smelly feet on the headrest but also violate the Thai culture.

Doing such thing is so disgusting and that only shows this young lady should go back to her kindergarten class to learn Good Manners and Right Conduct and must learn other countries culture before being allowed to travel so not to become famous of being NO MANNER AT ALL!

Watch the video below:

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