Macron: US policies on Climate Change may change

U.S. to change mind on Paris Climate Change deal

PARIS—French President Emmanuel Macro is positive towards US stand on climate change. Everyone knows that the U.S. declined participation on the Paris climate change deal but after meeting with the US president, Macron assures that Donald Trump may change his decision regarding the climate change deal.

In May this year, Trump announced his withdrawal from the Paris climate accords.

On an interview on Sunday in the Journal du dimanche newspaper, “Our countries are friends, we we should be too,” Macron said. He also added that he had gained “better, intimate knowledge” with Trump during his visit to Paris last week.

US on Climate Change deal
Macron and Trump in Paris: (Getty Images)

“Donald Trump listened to me. He understood the reason for my position, notably the link between climate change and terrorism.”

Climate change deal focus on the issue of the current increasing of droughts and other extreme weather because of human activities. The rise and worsening migration issues is also connected to climate change because the people are fighting over scarcity of natural resources due to climate change.

“He said he would try to find a solution in the coming months. We spoke in detail about what could allow him to return to the Paris deal,”

Macron said, according to the report.

Although Trump did not commit on resolving the issue on the deal, he said that “if it happens that will be wonderful, and if it doesn’t that will be OK too.” The climate deal was unfair to the U.S. business, added Trump.

On the other hand, American governors and mayors are doing their best to do their best to void president Trump’s decision about Paris climate change accord in May.

“We’ve had a lot more discussion amongst governors that it really is time for states to lead on a number of issues. Clearly climate and environment are just one of several issues, but as we’ve worked with other states we do know that many other governors and many other states share the same concern with climate change and sea level rise”, -Hawaii Governor David Ige

American Politicians push climate change deal

The American politicians are taking actions on the challenge at a local level from coast to coast.

Pittsburgh Mayor also tweeted,

“As the Mayor of Pittsburgh, I can assure you that we will follow the guidelines of the Paris Agreement for our people, our economy, and future”.

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