Philippines to go back to Marcos-era as Martial Law extends

The world is now looking closely to the Philippines as the fear of going back to the Marcos era is getting intense. reports that the “Philippine President Duterte revives Marcos-era memories in threat to extend martial law” in Mindanao. Shirley Escalante, a reporter from Manila wrote to news comparing the current situation in Mindanao with the Marcos regime in 1972 to 1981.

Duterte’s declaration of martial law in the Philippine particularly in Mindanao received a lot of criticisms not only in the local media but also in the international community most especially the human rights advocates. Some went to the streets to protest the said declaration but the President strongly hold to his decision to fight the terrorism that is going on in Mindanao. It is just so surprising that those who opposed to the declaration were not coming from Mindanao.

Earlier, Duterte declared a 60-day military junta in the province of Marawi and the whole Mindanao but lately the president decided to extend the length of the said order.

The purpose of the said military law is to fight the Maute group that invade Marawi and taking lives on some residents most especially the Christians. It was reported that the Maute group beheaded some people who could not recite the Islam prayer. This create fear to most of the people in the nearby province and would eventually affect the whole tourism industry in the country.

Oppositions said that the said declaration of the President bring back what happened few decades ago when former President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law that caused abuses and claimed many lives and human rights abuses.

As the operation against terrorist continues, the US special forces joined in the Philippine military to give technical support to the Philippine troops. President Duterte said that “it is difficult to fight to those who are willing to die.” The Maute group “have corrupted the name of God in the form of religion to kill many innocent people, for nothing.”

Source: abcnews

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