President Duterte threatened and curses mayors on narco-list on Wednesday meeting in Malacañang

Bad Mood PDuterte, Curses on Mayors’ Meeting in the Palace
President Duterte was so upset and not in good mood when meeting with the mayors in the Palace Wednesday afternoon.
Mayors on board the bus to Malacañang Palace by:
Community Newwatch FB Page
Report said that one mayor from Luzon province mentioned that Duterte “cursed and threatened” the mayors involved in the illegal drug trade in the country.
The president already mentioned that he would pursue the mayors and other public officials who are involved in drug trade and whose names are in the list. Duterte narco-list includes judges, congressman and police officials and mayors from all over the Philippines.
Wednesday afternoon when mayors from different parts of the country flocked into the palace to meet the president as he summoned.

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