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What is is an online bitcoins buy and sell portal not only for Filipinos but for everyone. However, targets mainly Filipinos living in the Philippines and around the world. offers variety of services such as loading Philippine prepaid load, bills payment, sending and receiving money remittances from abroad. They also offer incentives to its members who could refer new members. As of to date, they offer P50 reward if you can refer someone who will signup and verify their account using valid government issued IDs or passport for foreign nationals. With, you can pay your SSS contribution, Philhealth monthly due, or pay your meralco bills, etc.

Tips and Strategies to use

As I said in my previous article, I would like to share with you how to grow your money with Please consider the following:

  1. (Assuming you don’t have account yet) Sign-up at here for FREE and be ready for your government issued IDs such as SSS ID, Passport, Postal ID, etc. (I’m going to give you the list of acceptable IDs to verify your account)
  2. Verify your account through email. This is the level 1 verification. All you need is to verify your email.
  3. Now that your email is verified with, you can now start putting money into your account via 711 or other remittance outlets. You can also cash in via bank deposits. The list of banks for depositing money to your coins account is found in your dashboard.

Bitcoins Buy and Sell Tips

  1. Start exchanging your Peso money with bitcoin. In exchanging (buy or sell) peso to bitcoin, you have to observe the movement of the exchange of bitcoin in the market using the online chart. Here, you will know how coins rate move and when is the normal date and time coins rate is low. Why low rate? Take note that if it is your first time to put cash in your account, your default wallet currency is Philippine Peso. You need a low bitcoin rate (buy rate) in order to get more coins. Once the bitcoin exchange rate is low, say 90, 000 – 100, 000 pesos per bitcoin, convert your PHP to bitcoin. So your your P1,000 will be between 0.09 to 0.01 bitcoins.
  2. The next thing you have to do after converting your PHP cash wallet balance to bitcoins, you have to monitor the movement of the coin exchange rate in your dashboard. This time you have to look for the higher rate (selling rate). Why selling rate? Selling rate because it is the rate or price of your bitcoin. The selling rate is normally lower than the buying rate. So to make profit for your money, you have to wait for higher selling price. As of today, the selling price for one bitcoin is P202, 000 pesos. So if you have already 0.01 bitcoin and sell it at P202, 000, that will give you P2, 020 pesos. That means that your money doubled already. It gained 120% more (or 220% in total including your P1, 000 capital).
  3. Repeat this cycle #5 and #6 until you get high profit in buying and selling bitcoin. If you need to cash out or withdraw your money, you can do it anytime you want but make sure to leave some amount for your buying and selling business.

Other ways to earn with

Aside from buying and selling bitcoins, you can also earn unlimited income (as of writing) when you can refer your friend to open their own account with and verify using valid ID. will give you P50 reward or bonus when your friend sign up and verify their account. You can also get 5% rebates when you load up your prepaid mobile using your coins wallet. When you pay your bills with you will also get P5 rebate straight into your account. Accumulate rebate and rewards and use it to your buy and sell business with

You might wonder why this company is giving such incentives to their members, my thought is this. wants to gain more popularity and by giving incentives, they will get trust and attention of the people to use their platform. is a bitcoin exchange website and they also earn through buying and selling bitcoins. If fact, then are gaining more profit day after day as many people are now using as regular payment portal and even sending remittances to the Philippines. is ranked 223 among the Philippine websites and 33k in world traffic based on alexa rank stat. This means that a lot of people are coming to website to do transactions.

What is your take away?

For me, I don’t think much of earning profit with Just to satisfy my curiosity, I use the platform to try how it works and if it really works. I also use this platform to send money from the Philippines to abroad and vise versa. I also use this to load up my Philippine prepaid phone. As I use this system, I realize that I am not spending but saving money. For example in remittances, instead of paying $5-$20 in Western Union fee for overseas remittance, I only spend $3 dollars to send money to the Philippines plus get higher FOREX.

So if you are interested to use bitcoins or interested to know more how to use, you can contact us or drop your comment below. Thank you so much.


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