Time 100 Poll Rodrigo Duterte: Open Letter to Mahita Gajanan of Time Magazine

Philippine 16th President Rodrigo Roa Duterte is the number 1 in the recent Time magazine online poll on the 100 most influential people in the world according to time.com.

Duterte receives 5% “yes” votes from the survey but it seems unacceptable to many people who hate the president. Or may people who are “paid” to destabilize the current government.

As I read on the article published by Time.com, the headline was so catchy and very agreeable until the middle of the article where the writer twisted her statement and seemed to question the reliability of the their own survey.

I looked at who wrote that article and I found out it was Miss Mahita Gajanan. I wonder who Mahita Gahanan is and why is her article is so intriguing to me. Well, I found out, from my own research, that Mahita Gahanan seems to be a freelance writer for various online magazines including time.com, theguardian.com, Entertainment Weekly, Vanityfair, etc. where she works as a writer or reporter.

Well, based on her profile in linkedin.com, Mahita Gajanan has been working for several companies in a very short period of time. In the year 2016 alone, she works as a paid writer for four companies which includes time.com.

SHE IS PAID to WRITE for a living and it is not so surprising she would say something about

Duterte has been known to use social media to promote his agenda and has reportedly paid people to push him to popularity online.

Well, to my dear  MAHITA GAJANAN here is my open letter to you.


As a Filipino citizen who love my country, I respect you so much, very much because of your dedication in your work. Well, I really appreciate you for writing something about our president’s popularity on the recent time.com online survey on the 100 most influential people in the world. That was really nice of you, however, when you mentioned that “Duterte has been known to use social media to promote his agenda and has reportedly paid people to push him to popularity online”, that was so exasperating and devastating. You know why? I will ask you why.

How much do you know about our country? How much do you know our president? Have you lived in the Philippines so you could say something like this to PRRD? Or you just did your online research from the other media whose main goal is to destabilize the Philippine government? Where did you get your information from? Rappler? GMA7? ABS-CBN? and other bias media from the Philippines?

You know madam, you have spoken so much about the president but have known him very little. How come you say that Duterte has been known for paying people to make him popular? How can he pay people from around the world who voted him to be the first in the poll?

Your company’s online survey is open to the whole world and not only in the Philippines. Now if the result of the survey says that Duterte is so popular amongst the candidates from around the world it is because he really is! And all the supporters of President Duterte more than (16 million) Filipinos from around the globe who voted him president still believe him until this time despite all the negative and propagandas of his opponents because the Filipinos now are NOT like several years ago. We are all awake this time. How can the president pay people to vote him on this online poll? He has no money, he is not that rich to pay thousands or millions of people to vote for him in the survey.

If you are paid to write for that article you have just written then it is you who are paid to malign and destabilize our country. It is you who are paid to earn a living and not the people who voted the president to be the number 1 in the survey.

You know what? President Duterte is very true and real person. He sticks to what he says. He never works for other people than the Filipinos. But you, you work for many companies who pay you for a living so please never say negatively on the result of the survey because it is NOT FAKE. The people who cast their “Yes” votes to the president are REAL PEOPLE! NOT PAID, NOT BOT!

The poll result is just the reflection of what the reality is and that the REAL!

The only fake is the source of the information you included in your article. And the only paid here is YOU! YOU ARE PAID TO GIVE THE FAKE and UNREAL INFORMATION!

Thank you so much!

Sincerely yours,

Eldie Roberto

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