US supplies weapon to the Philippines

US Supports AFP

DAVAO CITY, Philippines—President Duterte admits of US support to the Philippines in terms of weaponry after the government faced conflict with Maute group in Marawi City.
Duterte also said that China also supply weapons and ammunition to the armed forces of the Philippines.

The president denies of a new military alliances with other nations. Duterte said that the Philippines receives help from the United States because of the old defense treaty between the US and the Philippines.

“So I cannot enter into military alliances with other nations because I would be violating the US-RP agreement. We would stay with the Americans. So what are my misgivings? You know I have a duty to perform. As I have said…my duty is to preserve and defend the Filipino nation,” Duterte said.

“We just bought additional firepower. No more bidding. And besides, I have two sources of weaponry and to my credit, let us give where credit is due. The United States helped the Armed Forces in this fight. And China committed and delivered a lot of firearms for us,” he said.

On the other hand, Russia offered help but the president did not confess of the support from Russia. Duterte added that he is willing to accept any help for more firepower from other nations.

“They are welcome. Now, do not make the mistake of, you know, putting something on my behavior, I like talking to people. You have to make friends, and there is a need for you to acquire the kind of firearms and they are there,” he said.

AFP gets new firearms from US
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Recently, the Philippine Marine received 625 new firearms from the US military. Marine commandant Major General Emmanuel Salamat received the new weapon amidst the attack in Marawi.

Source: GMA News

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