The Pride: A Destructive Element


It has a soundless voice that tries to perceive all the noises within

the noises within that listen to the annoying possibilities

the annoying possibilities of others getting through

getting through all the obstacles along the way

along the way which had gone wrong

not to those known.

The ego.

Hiding all the pains

the pains from being deeply wounded

deeply wounded of the circumstantial events

circumstantial events brought by all those troubles

those troubles that keep on persisting trying to be heard

to be heard, just because of the utter desire for adulation, unfulfilled.

The ego.

Mankind’s downfall

mankind’s downfall from innocence

from innocence smeared by foolish notions

foolish notions that stirred up too much inclination

much inclination drew to appease the soul’s hot fancies

hot fancies on physical possessions, popularity, and the acclamations.

The ego

The call seems truly penetrating as the hunger and thirst are consuming

are consuming that makes happiness as elusive as an eel

an eel that produces lethal volts of electrical energy

the electrical energy, note to always check

always check that one knows the limits

the limits on things.

The ego.

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